We're At it Again

Welcome to our first week of a2z: Take 2!

The letter A!

I'm so happy we're doing this meme again because I had a blast last time around. For those of you joining us, you can find more info here. We're thrilled to have you with us! The more the merrier! =)

So, I figure I need to start off this time through the Alphabet right. Right? That means it's confession time. LoL.

I am {mildly} Absent minded.

If you hear something that sounds like hyenas laughing, don't worry. It's just my friends laughing at the understatement. When my head is wrapped in an idea, I'm very absent minded and miss much of life around me. But I don't mind them laughing. See, they know me well enough to know that if I'm immersed in brainstorming, I probably need to be reminded about a few things and they're kind enough to remind me. That's what I call good friends!

Last week was an absent minded week as ideas flew fast and furious for not only 12 in '12 (want to join in some more fun? We're posting this month's 12 in '12 on Thursday! hehe) but also by Take Flight. It was a whirlwind, red letter week in the idea department. It was a fantastic week! =)

Aside from being absent minded, I'm diving into the book of Acts with our ladies Bible Study on Tuesday nights. It's my favorite night of the week because these ladies are awesome. They've pushed me to learn and grow and they PRAY. Love those girls! =)

So tell me, what's new in your lives? I've missed you guys!

If you're joining us for the a2z: Take 2 meme by posting on your blog this week about the letter A, be sure to add your name and the link to that particular post in the linky gadget here.


  1. I love the way you highlight your letter through your blog. I need to do that. Course I don't use it NEARLY as much as I should.

    Had such a good time getting to know you, I couldn't wait to start up again!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention how absent-minded I am, too. And I also forget things. :)

  3. What a fun opening post! I know what you mean about absent mindedness. Hey, when one has so much going on, the brain just can't contain it all!

  4. Ah, yes. I can relate to the absent mindedness. . .especially when focused on something creative! When I'm immersed in something like that, my family says I wouldn't notice if the house burned down around me. Ahem. I'm pretty sure I would notice THAT. Although I have been known to forget things like doing the laundry, making dinner or other such trivialities! :-)

  5. I can get so absent-minded, too! Thanks for starting this meme off again, and have fun in Acts!

  6. LoL. Man, did I miss you guys! Yeah, the kids have to ask for supper (huh? who wants to stop and eat?! There's the fridge...) the hubs asks about clean work clothes and the dust bunnies love life. hehe.

    You're so right, Barb. The brain can't contain it all. =]

    Hugs all around!

  7. I'm in, although I missed Round 1.
    I don't think you're absent minded, I think you are a wife and mom with a very full plate. You still run circles around all of us, and I'm so glad to know you and see you around cyberspace!

  8. Julie - you are TOO kind ;) NO - she's absent minded AND a wife and mom with a very full plate ;)

    (LOVE you, Peejers!)

    Well, there goes that cute lil bubble I was enjoying for...almost 45 minutes. LoL.

    Yes, Julie, Jo's right. You're too kind. I am absent minded. Totally. =]

  10. WhenJesusSavedMySoul9:09 AM

    For somebody who claims to be absent minded you sure know how to put together a beautiful and well organized blog. I'll put it to you like this it's awhole lot better than most other blogs I've seen.

  11. Thank you, WhenJesusSavedMySoul. =]

  12. Patty if your success is combined with being absent-minded then all I can say is it somehow works! Love you!! Hugs!

    I've decided, with so much going on right now, that I'm not going to do the A-Z this time around. I may jump in once in a while. But I will try to drop by and visit a few blogs on Tuesdays.

  13. Maybe we could have a new blog "ABC - A-bsentminded B-loggers C-orner" The stories we could tell!

  14. Thanks for such a fun way to post a blog. I've just began blogging and haven't quite found my voice or style. This is a creative way to start the wheels in my mind to working.

  15. Thanks for this challenge. I've been out of the loop for way too long. I'm also absent-minded, but hopefully I'll remember to do this once a week.LOL

  16. Rita, we'll miss you, but sure do understand!! Many hugs!!

    ROFL Nancy. I LOOOOVE that idea! Way too cute! =] LoL

    Eclectic, I was stunned at how this got my wheels turning last time! Hope it works well for you. So very glad to have you along!

    Tabs, we absent minded people need to stick together! =] Makes us feel...normal. ;-) So glad you joined us this week and hope to see you next week too!

  17. Your post made me giggle and shake my head. I wanted SO much to write about "Addle Brained" but couldn't put the words together - too addle brained. lol! I did manage to share something that didn't require conscious thinking, and being Ms. Efficient, I used my post for two memes. :)
    And YOU - how do you manage all of these irons in your fire if you are as absent minded as you think you are?? :-D

  18. I am absent minded too, sometime. lol. Can't wait to know you more, sister. :)


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