Take Flight: Only You

It's time 
for another
Are you ready?

This week it's relatively easy--compared to some things I have up my sleeves, and it's one all of us can do, even if we choose not to post on it. ;-)

I saw this on Facebook this weekend and it was like being clobbered with a 2x4.

So, this week's Take Flight Challenge is to zero in on ONE area where you are stopping yourself and clobber it back.

Then, let's meet back here next Monday, 'fess up and tell how we tackled that dirty dog and how it went. Let's cheer each other on!

I know what I'll be working on and I'll let you know how it goes on Monday.

Now, don't be thinking all the Take Flight Challenges will be this easy or this vague. I'm just softening you up for a biggie that's in the pipeline. ;-)

See you next Monday with the linkie for this Take Flight Challenge...


  1. Okay . . . I'll take the challenge. I have to tackle the attic. Over the last year, I've had 3 grown kids "rearrange" it, add their unwanted things to it. I need to sort through the stuff and organize what things can be stored up there and what things need new homes.

  2. Pondering this. Have a few ideas.

  3. hmm, just pulled up a lot of boards wish the challenge was this week. :)
    I'll have to think of something for next week.


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