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Welcome to a Take Flight idea challenge! This week's idea jump starter was to Stop, Look, and Listen.
Stop and take a picture (or 10) of something interesting or curious and blog about it.
We take several back roads on our way to church and there's a few interesting places, and one I've wanted to stop at. So, I went to "the cat house" and took some pictures...

Oops. Okay, so that picture is at the four way just before the Cat House, but still a shot I've wanted to take for years. LoL An empty barn or garage. The house is long gone.

Here's across the road from the Cat House...

A home with an old attached garage with the pick up still there. The door is ajar and it'd be so cool to tiptoe through the house. But I won't. Not only is it not our land but it's posted, No Trespassing. Bummer. I'll just have to use my imagination. hehe.

But this car is what I *really* set out to get a picture of. It just makes me smile.

Can you imagine the stories this car can tell? I want to know why it was parked at the edge of the yard and left. And when. And what was its last trip? So many stories, just sitting there...

In case you're wondering why I call it the Cat House--it's where all stray cats are welcome. This only shows three cats, but we suspect two dozen are in residence. The home owner is no longer there, but people faithfully come and feed the cats and make sure there's a cat house or two somewhere close by. There used to be a pair of peacocks, but I've not seen them for a couple years. They were gorgeous, but always startled me with their screech when I drove past.  They would perch on the peak of the small barn between the house and the car. Now it's just the cats and the car. This little place, off the beaten path, is a reminder to me that God takes care of His creatures, just like it says in Matthew 6:26... Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you lnot worth much more than they?

God takes care of all these cats, even after the home owner is no longer in residence. He will take care of His children!!

So tell me about a curious or interesting place near you...

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  1. Took me forever to figure out the mister linky thing. I've got it now. Love old buildings like the one you found.

  2. Very neat - love looking at your pictures, and even more the stories you share with them.

  3. Your pictures are great! The empty barn and the old car are my FAVs. My imagination just takes flight seeing them. I'm off to link up but not with the series I'd planned on. That one will sit in the can for awhile longer, I think.

  4. Peej, I did double duty on my post today. I have photos for this meme and adapted the wording to make it an A2Z one, too. *smile*


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