Focus: God's Faithfulness

This last week I realized one of the things that was really dragging me down: my focus. In one of the 1000+ comments on Seekerville's New Year's Eve party Tina Radcliffe said,

Tucked in the back of my bible is a saying from at least 15 years ago...

"The devil will have you look at how FAR you have to go-BUT INSTEAD, LOOK AT EVERY STEP YOU'VE TAKEN ALONG THE WAY"

It's important that once a year at least we stop and appreciate the journey.

That combined with things my sister Cheryl has been talking about at Sea Level 320 about storytelling and focus. She said

What I chose to focus upon is critical to what I'm trying to accomplish and convey.

I realized in all my thinking and analyzing last month I hadn't stopped and really focused on all that I did--all that God did in me. Missing that one key ingredient totally skewed how I felt, responded and thought about the upcoming year.

It's time for me to go back and see all that God did in me last year. It's time to celebrate those things. It's time to remember all God has done for me and remember He's brought me this far. He'll carry me through 2012 too.

It's time to focus on God's faithfulness, not my feelings. 
That's where the truth is.

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  1. I love looking back because when I see God's fingerprints on every area of my life it boosts my faith and increases my trust to keep moving forward!

    Love this post!

  2. Me too, Jess! And although I looked back, I analyzed and didn't take time to really SEE what God had done and what I'd accomplished with and through Him so I missed that faith boosting. Really missed it!

    Thanks, Denise. =]

  3. Sooo good! (Did you ever "refind" your Ebenezer? Or pick another?)

    Thanks, Peejers

  4. No, I still haven't found the Ebenezer stone I carried in my pocket and I'm so bummed. Just last week one of the boys came out asking if someone has lost a special stone...I was so excited, hoping it was mine. But it wasn't. It was his older brother's. Maybe it'll turn up, but... I DO have other stones from that trip. Picking another is a good idea. =]

  5. This was uplifting to read. We need to celebrate our progress, to take time to be grateful for the journey that we've been on and all that we receive. I believe that as you focus on those things the next step(s) will appear in a wonderful way.

  6. "Appreciate the journey." So important and so easy to forget. Peej, thanks for sharing this incredible post. Boy, did I need it! Hugs! Love you!

  7. Anonymous6:06 AM

    I'm a little late to this post, just found your blog and was checking it out to include in a list when I found this post. It was just what I needed to hear (read). I often get overwhelmed because I don't get everything done I think I should. I don't heal as fast as I think I should, you get the idea. But, thanks to you I'll remember to focus on how far I've come in the healing area, and how much I have completed. Going to make a card to post on the refrigerator to remind me. Thanks. ~Nita


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