Me in Terrifying Technicolor

It's vlog day--the day some of us (Me!!) have been dreading for awhile. I'm happy to say that I didn't chicken out--probably only because of all the others involved in this scheme. Talk about being stretched and shoved out of my comfort zone! Man-alivin'.

But, I survived. Now I only hope you do too! LoL.

Okay, gang. Here it is. My first vlog, video clip, whatever this thing is, ever... And it's just for you guys, explaining WHY I wanted to do these vlogs...

Now, here's a real one...

Now it's your turn!! Post your vlogs and link up on the below.
This is NOT just for those who have participated in the memes! This is for anyone and everyone who wants to post a vlog. I cannot wait to see and hear you guys!! =] (And remember, I'll pick a winner(s) and post it next week when we start a2z:Take 2.)

Also, Thursday I'll tell you about 12 in '12. An idea I think could be fun...
Hope to see you then!


  1. Oh I'm SO glad you did this! You did GREAT and you made me wispy! Thanks so much for setting up this meme. I'm so glad I get to be part of this great group of gals!

  2. You are such a natural, Patty. Love all three of your vlogs - and your blogs. Thanks for bringing us along with you on each new venture. Wishing you every success and a very Happy New Year. God Bless.

  3. Loved it, Patty. I almost backed out this am...but I'd made a commitment, which happened to be what I was blogging about. grin. Here's my link.

    I already linked to you, but I welcome your other readers who've done vlogs today to stop by my blog and leave a link to their's in a comment.

    I hope your 2012 is getting off to a great start!

  4. Brave woman! You did great! Me? No way... not yet.

  5. Anonymous8:46 AM

    This is pretty cool and I certainly took advantage of some live props to prop me up! I've been so conscious lately of our need as Christians to be real with one another and to develop real relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ, that His love may be known to us and through us. Thanks for this great opportunity, Patty! Really good to see and hear you guys this morning! Dan

  6. You guys are the bestest! Thanks for putting up with my hare-brained ideas and especially for joining me in them. LoL.

    You've all stretched and helped me grow in so many ways!! Love you guys!!

  7. This was more fun than I thought it would be but I too was terrified. I also struggle with fear right after worry!
    Thanks Patty for pushing us out of our comfy places.

  8. You are a natural!! LOVED getting to see you and I hope you got my cyber hug!!

    Will try and make a vlog today, life got in the way yesterday.

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  9. I did it! (It took a nightmare, a stack of books, a pestering kitty, and a lot of guts, but I did it.)

    Hmmmm.... another "fun" idea? Oh boy!
    What are you getting us into this time, Peej?

  10. ROFL, Vonnie. This next idea really is fun. You'll see.

    Dan, so glad to see you joined us for this! I loved seeing you and Leigh and Carleigh. Hard to believe it was THAT warm up there on Sunday! Wow! =]

    Diana, I had fun too--once the dry heaves quit. ;-) But Rita, I disagree with you. Just sayin'. ;-)

  11. Barb, I totally understand! TOTALLY. Really looking forward to your pix! =]

    Jen, so glad you joined us for this!

    Yike, Nancy--Terrified, yes. Natural, no. BUT it's now another fear I've faced, and even lived thru it. =]

    Marji, thanks for this idea! Without your Christmas vlog I wouldn't have done this. =]

    Hugs all around! =]

  12. You did fantastic! How fun it was to SEE and HEAR you!! Ahh...I miss you so much...seeing you just made my day. thank you.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I removed the wrong link, Vonnie, so what's there is the correct one. =]

  15. You did a great job. You didn't need the disguise either!

  16. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Great job, Peej!
    And seeing you 3 times
    is triple the pleasure.


  17. Great job, Patty! Certainly wouldn't have guessed that you're camera shy. It was so funny to read all the comments between you ladies @ Jewels - when I had also decided to do a vlog of sorts over at my own website! The Lord knows what He's doing, right?! Enjoyed getting to know you via vlog! Keep up the good work! Hugs!

  18. You did great jobs Patty. I can't focus on the camera like you did. I wish I could join this meme.

  19. I knew I should have watched a few others before I did mine. I wish I'd thought to explain about my blog name, too. :-) Great job, on all of them! Loved listening.

  20. That's my peejers!! Third one DEFINITELY made me crack up. You did GREAT conquering your fears - and your vlog is NOTHING to be ashamed of! ;)

  21. I actually found this because Jennifer alerted me to hers. Speaking is not my fear (I have the gift of gab, you know :) but technology and being so un-photogenic is what gets me. My husband and kids can't take a bad picture, me, I'm all over it!

    I'm on board for a2z and am reading next about the 12 in 12. You're making blog posts for 2012 easy.

    I appreciate you, Patty, I hope you know how much.

  22. WhenJesusSavedMySoul7:29 PM

    Take it from me you did an excellent job. I give a you an A+ for the presentation.

  23. Wow,Patty! You are an inspiration! You just upped the bar on blogging to the stratsophere! I'm going to need a tutorial. I don't think you did that with your webcam.

  24. Thanks, guys. =] It was a huge learning experience for me.

    Syd, you're right. I didn't use a web cam--I couldn't figure it out. LoL. Really. So I used my digital camera--the same one I take all my pictures with. I had never used the video clip feature before but my kids do all the time so I gave it a try. =] It uploaded to my computer just like a regular picture, and then I uploaded it to YouTube. =] And I still don't know how to use a webcam. LoL


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