Take Flight

My sister and favorite photographer, Cheryl, told one of her friends that I "help bloggers blog" and it stopped me in my tracks. She summed me up in three words. Helping bloggers blog really is something I LOVE doing. So when that idea collided with Michael Hyatt's post on strengths, the dots were connected and the ideas flew.

Naturally, I consulted with the other half of my brain, Joanne, and I even gave the Jewels of Encouragement group a heads up to be on the watch for another one of my wacky ideas, so they're braced for something along the lines of the vlogs we did last week (which was termed wacky by a few *wink*). And they're right. Take Flight is along those lines...

Take Flight is simply officializing something I've been doing for months now... posting the wild, wacky, hare-brained ideas and challenges I have for blog posts and inviting others to join me. We all know what it's like to be at a loss for what to blog about--hopefully this will help jump start a few posts.

The purpose of Take Flight...
  • jump start blog posts
  • provide connection
  • introduce people to others
  • stretch beyond our comfort zones sometimes so we don't stagnate in the comfy little boxes we've created for ourselves
  • try new things (it's only by trying them that you can see if you like them)

Here's the details:
  • Take Flight will be a semi-regular feature here--semi-regular because I will simply post the ideas as they come, most likely on Mondays. Why? Because I'm too free-spirited to add one more scheduled blog post day to my calendar. I've learned I need wiggle room in my routine or I feel locked in a straight jacket and that eventually drives me to my cave. 
  • A week later I'll put up my personal post of the challenge/post jump starter and put up the linky. I won't ask you to do it unless I'm willing to do it myself.
    Fine print: If something arises and prevents me from doing the post, I will simply post my apology and the linky tool for others to link up. Life happens to all of us sometimes.
  • Anyone is welcome to post and link up. Don't blog (yet)? Now's a great time to start! Or, post on your Facebook wall, grab the direct link to that particular post and post it here. Or even just use the comment section to participate!
  • You are welcome to post anytime and link with us--even if it's long after the post has gone up.
  • Everyone is invited to participate at any time. It's never too late!
  • Pick and choose the ideas you want to use. This is to serve you, not you serve it!
  • Feel free to ROFL at me, throw rotten tomatoes (cyber ones, please! LoL), remind me I'm crazy, whatever. ;-)
For the fun of it, you can earn your wings. *eye roll* --kind of like a certificate of achievement or scout badge or ...whatever you want to call it.
  • For every four ideas/challenges you post, I'll send you a badge for your blog and if you don't want to use them, that's fine!!
  • Vlog participants already have one post! Woot! (Didn't vlog? You still can! *grin*)
  • a2z: Take 2 does not count as posts for the award badges, but of course you're welcome to grab one of those buttons and add to your badge collection! *wink*

Here are the first three badges, in case you're curious...

Feel free to grab the button for Take Flight and join us occasionally...or all the time...as we take flight.

Button code for the square 125px image:
Take Flight. Patty Wysong Helping bloggers blog.

Button code for the 325px wide image:
Take Flight. Patty Wysong Helping bloggers blog.

Tweet with us! Use the hashtag #TakeFlt  (yes, I'm on Twitter and I may even tweet. LoL)

Take Flight will be easily accessible on my blog through the tabs and sidebar. Invite a friend along.

Tomorrow the first post idea/challenge will go up.
Hope to see you then!

Click here to see all the Take Flight ideas.  You can also find them in the sidebar and in the tab on Series and Topics above. ;-)

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  1. Soooo can't wait. LOVE the idea - and I'm sure I'll rise to the challenge here and there :) And I LOVE the Take Flight 2 button. My fave of the three.

    Can't wait to see what folks do with it!

  2. Wow, you're one creative lady! And waht a fun idea!

  3. Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement! It was so fun working on this idea! =]

  4. I'm hoping to take on a challenge or two, but not vlogging...sounds too much like "flogging" to me. *grin*

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. ROFL, Dee. Yes, vlogging does sound like flogging, but it really wasn't thaaaaaat bad. LoL. Really. =]

    There will be plenty of other ideas that aren't vlogs! Those will be few and probably far between. (thank goodness! LoL)

  6. Great idea! Will you be using your Monday ideas for your Tuesday A2Z posts some of the time?

  7. Hi Amy! Using one post for two things? I might--it depends, but at this point I don't think so--just thinking about the linky tool...

  8. Wow! Love it and I will participate as often as possible!! Love you! HUGS!

  9. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Great idea, Patty. The vlog idea drew me out of my cave, and this looks fun enough to come out for again! Good stuff. :)

  10. Great idea! I'm in...
    Love your buttons~

  11. I'm just now seeing this! Not sure if I will have the time to do it all, as I'm also taking 2 online photography courses. Will try!
    Patty, your're awesome! :)

  12. I'm going to give it another bash, and I like the fact that we can join anytime... ;-)


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