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Today I'm posting at Adding Zest. It's not not quite the typical stuff for Zest so I thought I'd invite you over there. ;-) Join me for Don't I Count?

Adding Zest is a site for married Christian women, a site where we talk about the physical side of marriage. It's a safe place to visit. The pictures are pictures I would, and have, posted here on my personal blog, but if you have children reading over your shoulder, you might want to wait until they aren't. But today's post, Don't I Count? is safe for over-the-shoulders readers. ;-)

In the news here at my house... Not much. Just normal stuff. Days with extra long hours since the sun is up longer, kids in and out of the house, trips back and forth to town. Food. Laundry. All that mundane stuff that threatens to lull us (okay, me) to zombiehood with it's mundaneness. Or is it mundacity? But yanno, not all of us are called to live thrilling, adventuresome lives, or called to do great, stunning things for God. Some of us are called to live radiantly in the mundane times, times when it's easy to slip into routine craziness or be zombiefied by the ho-hum of our lives.

Let's live radiantly, no matter what our days are like!

Thank you!

I was, and still am, blown away by God's people. Friends, and people I didn't even know, stopped by and started praying...

Thank you.

Wednesday's are busy for me, and as I ran errands and shuttled my girls around, I was able to do a lot of thinking and praying. Peace came, mingled with the tears.

Dad called me just before my phone battery died. My phone seldom runs so low on power because I keep it charged and I was disappointed and aggravated that I had forgotten to charge it. He sounded sooo much better! The pain meds were doing their job and he and Mom had both slept well. Wonderful answers to prayer.

Thank you for praying!

Phone Calls

“Don't stuff it,” she told me last night.
I had to laugh. Who me? I'd never do such a dastardly thing, is what I thought. But my laugh was silent, choked by the tears clogging my throat. Stuffing is what I do best.

My dad's bone cancer didn't just flare up last weekend, it outright attacked him and left him in unbearable pain. They weren't home, so Mom drove from Oregon (or was it Washington? I don't know. My mind is foggy on the details.) to Arizona to get him in to the doctor. Once the pain was under control, which took quite a bit of doing, they did chemo.

He called me late yesterday afternoon, on his way home to let me know. His voice was hoarse but the pain I'd heard last week wasn't so close to the surface. Thankfully I'd had about 3 minutes' notice that Dad wasn't doing well...

Jim got home from work yesterday afternoon in record time and before he was even out of the van he asked, “Have you talked with your dad?” Everything inside me sagged. I had fallen asleep in my chair (I'm finally recovering from VBS) and was groggy, but his words sliced through the fuzz in my head. He filled me in on Mom and Dad's weekend as we carried his lunch box and water cooler in. I had no sooner sat down than my phone rang. I didn't have to look to know it was Dad.

...those three minutes helped me focus on what Dad was saying. The chemo schedule, the traveling back and forth between the mountains and the valley for doctor visits as long as he can. Later, as I pieced things together in my mind that phrase caught me. As long as he can. They only live in the mountains until sometime in October when they move back down to the valley. As long as he can. It's June now, that means there's July, August and September until October comes. Three months. As long as he can? October is when they made their semi-annual rounds visiting kids and grandkids. Life is changing this year in so many ways. And it snuck up on me. As hard as I tried to be prepared, it caught me off-guard.

Don't stuff it, she told me last night as we talked on the phone.
Coming from my sister, another queen of stuffing, I had to listen to her. She knows me well. Her words cut through the fuzz that had grown into heart static, and the tears started. There's nothing wrong with tears, except that I don't cry too often and very few people see me cry.

So, I'm not stuffing it. I'm writing it since that's what I do.

I've not talked to Mom. I know very few details. If I was told, they're lost in the fuzz and static. But I know that what was once on the horizon is here. Bone cancer is doing what prostate cancer and heart problems and Agent Orange failed to do.

Brushing Grace

The other day, after a storm rolled through cooling things off some, Gracie came out of hiding. It's been so hot here that the poor girl has been miserable. She knows every mud hole around here and likes their coolness. My Great Pyrenees has been perpetually muddy, making her look ridiculous. She still has a fair bit of her winter coat but wouldn't come out of her cool spots, so I've not been able to brush her. I felt bad for her and have been concerned for her with all that unnecessary fur on, so when she appeared one afternoon after VBS, I went right out.

I brushed.

And brushed.

And brushed some more until there were two mountains of fur.

I spent almost two hours working on her while she rested and dozed in the shade. I couldn't help but think about how many mountains of unnecessary fur are clinging to me, suffocating me and slowing me down in the heat of this world. All I need to do is haul myself out of my mud hole and go to Jesus. He'll brush me and work out all the fur that I don't need. Gently and lovingly.

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. ~Matthew 11:28 NAS

For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes. ~Jeremiah 31:25 NAS

Don't let the heat of summer drive you to a mud hole. Go straight to Jesus. He's where we'll find comfort and rest from this world and all that weighs us down.

Let God's grace brush you.


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Today's a good day for remembering all the things, we love about our husbands--big things and little things.

I just posted An Easy Challenge over at Adding Zest...If you do it, be sure to let me know how it works. ;-) It's one of those things that is good for both of you--especially if you're struggling with your attitude toward your hubster. (Yup, I know that from experience. LoL) And something you can do even if your man isn't home today.

These Are the Days of...

Vacation Bible School!

So I thought that I'd share with you what I've been doing for the past 10 days. Last week was prepping and decorating and this week is the actual week of VBS with kids, and things are going great! We even have more kids attending than we anticipated. =]

I wanted to take this chance to brag on my church some! The kids are having a great time and we're getting rave reviews from them. The kindergarteners went home talking about meeting Adam and Eve and Joseph and anxious to see who they'll meet the next day.

So, here's some pictures of my church in the throes of VBS--but these pics are minus children because the only time we have to run around with a camera is when there's no kids around! LoL I'm working in the kitchen (man-oh-man! We are so NOT serving cookies and kool-aid!) and my girls are helping in the kitchen and recreation, and Alex is running the sound booth for music. We run from 8:15 to about 12:15 and love it! =]

Here's the wagon Alex made for the 5th & 6th grade class room...

We're building up our collection of back drops each year and this one (of the sunset) is from last year. In the center of the room is a campfire. =]

The Kiddo Coral is our Kindergarten class...

And here's the 3rd and 4th grade class room...

The barn front is made of styrofoam sheets and the silhouettes are cardboard that we painted black. We made gobs of silhouettes and we were soooo sore, but seeing it all put together makes it all worthwhile!

And here's our stage of Mustang Mountain!

We made our menu to go with the western theme, and I'm so tickled with it I wanted to show you. LoL

Menu VBS 2010

Can you guess what the kids are having for snacks?

I've got some pictures of what our teens are doing this summer, but that will be another post.

Come Visit!

We have Vacation Bible School next week, which means that this week is busy getting everything ready. And I mean BUSY!! But that's okay! I was saved as a direct result of VBS and although it's a huge amount of work, it is SOOOOO worth it!

I'm posting today at Exemplify! Seasoned for God's Use. I'd love to have you join me there for something I learned when the kids were getting ready for the Great Campout of 2010. I'll see you at Exemplify!

Dancing in the Stillness

Last week I was determined to get back into exercising regularly. And I did. I made it onto my glider four times and I loved it. I listened to audios I've had for awhile and the time glided by quickly. I watched birds come and go through the window in the back door and I enjoyed the greenery of my back yard. If you could call it a back yard.

One of those days everything was very still. Not a hint of breeze anywhere. But I didn't even notice it until I saw ONE blade of grass bobbing and dancing. I double checked the grass in the area. No movement. I checked the leaves on the trees. Not a single one moved. All was still except for that one blade of grass.

From where I was, I scrutinized that single blade. What made it dance when everything around it was still? It wasn't just slow dancing, either. It was bobbing and weaving and I imagined that if I could hear grass talk, it'd be belting out praise to God. “Leaping and dancing and praising God” ran through my mind.

But I still didn't know why that one blade of grass danced while all the others were still and silent. I watched it some more, rarely looking away from it. I wanted to know why and how it could dance when everything indicated it shouldn't.

I checked the time I had left on the glider. Eight minutes until I could go out there and investigate closer. Until then I planned on watching every move that blade of grass made.

A sparkle above the blade caught my attention and I glanced up just in time to see a water droplet fall from a gutter downspout. After each drop of water, the grass, moved by the water droplet, danced in jubilation and praise. Mystery solved. It danced because it was watered from above, one droplet at a time.

It's not just that one blade of grass that's watered from above. We are too. But do we dance even when all around us is shrouded in stillness? Especially when all around us is shrouded in stillness? We need to. How else will people realize we have a reason to dance? We have THE reason to dance. What better way to show them the difference God makes in our lives?

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 NAS

Just like I studied that single blade of grass to learn the secret of its dance, people study us for the secret of our dance, whether we're aware of their scrutiny or not.

Are you dancing?

**Photo by my cousin, Andrea Coursey, one of my favorite photographers.
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