Dancing in the Stillness

Last week I was determined to get back into exercising regularly. And I did. I made it onto my glider four times and I loved it. I listened to audios I've had for awhile and the time glided by quickly. I watched birds come and go through the window in the back door and I enjoyed the greenery of my back yard. If you could call it a back yard.

One of those days everything was very still. Not a hint of breeze anywhere. But I didn't even notice it until I saw ONE blade of grass bobbing and dancing. I double checked the grass in the area. No movement. I checked the leaves on the trees. Not a single one moved. All was still except for that one blade of grass.

From where I was, I scrutinized that single blade. What made it dance when everything around it was still? It wasn't just slow dancing, either. It was bobbing and weaving and I imagined that if I could hear grass talk, it'd be belting out praise to God. “Leaping and dancing and praising God” ran through my mind.

But I still didn't know why that one blade of grass danced while all the others were still and silent. I watched it some more, rarely looking away from it. I wanted to know why and how it could dance when everything indicated it shouldn't.

I checked the time I had left on the glider. Eight minutes until I could go out there and investigate closer. Until then I planned on watching every move that blade of grass made.

A sparkle above the blade caught my attention and I glanced up just in time to see a water droplet fall from a gutter downspout. After each drop of water, the grass, moved by the water droplet, danced in jubilation and praise. Mystery solved. It danced because it was watered from above, one droplet at a time.

It's not just that one blade of grass that's watered from above. We are too. But do we dance even when all around us is shrouded in stillness? Especially when all around us is shrouded in stillness? We need to. How else will people realize we have a reason to dance? We have THE reason to dance. What better way to show them the difference God makes in our lives?

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16 NAS

Just like I studied that single blade of grass to learn the secret of its dance, people study us for the secret of our dance, whether we're aware of their scrutiny or not.

Are you dancing?

**Photo by my cousin, Andrea Coursey, one of my favorite photographers.


  1. Wow - what a neat experience - and what a WONDERFUL lesson for all of us! Praying I can dance in the stillness.

  2. I needed this today! I love the way you look at life and find these wonderful life lessons.
    There are times it is difficult to remember our reason to keep dancing when all around us are reasons to become still. I am going to put a note on my frig. today--KEEP DANCING!
    Hugs, Rita

  3. Wow! It's funny how a little blade of grass caught your attention. Awesome devo here. So glad I stopped by! And...congratulations on the exercising! Go, Peej, GO!

  4. What a great lesson! I was expecting a grasshopper or spiderweb. I love the picture you portrayed. Thanks!

  5. I love the ways God teaches us! We only need to leave our hearts and minds open to Him. So glad you took time to spend in your glider. What a blessing you would have missed if you had been too busy to glide. Thank you!

  6. "...it was watered from above"...EXCELLENT!

    Glad I found this blog, Patty. I'm still stumbling around, trying to figure all this out. I last blogged two years ago, and things have changed a bit since then...

  7. Anonymous4:39 AM

    I particularly liked this post ... I just came across you when I Googled my own blog's name ... Dancing on a Blade of Grass!

  8. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Wonderful sharing!! Thank you so much for the reminder of being still, maintaining and quiet and gentle spirit so we may hear (or see) what it is He wants us learn!
    Hoping I'm dancing,
    Hugs & Prayers, HL


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