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Today I'm posting at Adding Zest. It's not not quite the typical stuff for Zest so I thought I'd invite you over there. ;-) Join me for Don't I Count?

Adding Zest is a site for married Christian women, a site where we talk about the physical side of marriage. It's a safe place to visit. The pictures are pictures I would, and have, posted here on my personal blog, but if you have children reading over your shoulder, you might want to wait until they aren't. But today's post, Don't I Count? is safe for over-the-shoulders readers. ;-)

In the news here at my house... Not much. Just normal stuff. Days with extra long hours since the sun is up longer, kids in and out of the house, trips back and forth to town. Food. Laundry. All that mundane stuff that threatens to lull us (okay, me) to zombiehood with it's mundaneness. Or is it mundacity? But yanno, not all of us are called to live thrilling, adventuresome lives, or called to do great, stunning things for God. Some of us are called to live radiantly in the mundane times, times when it's easy to slip into routine craziness or be zombiefied by the ho-hum of our lives.

Let's live radiantly, no matter what our days are like!

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  1. Radiance no matter our lives. YES! (and heading over to Zest :D)


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