These Are the Days of...

Vacation Bible School!

So I thought that I'd share with you what I've been doing for the past 10 days. Last week was prepping and decorating and this week is the actual week of VBS with kids, and things are going great! We even have more kids attending than we anticipated. =]

I wanted to take this chance to brag on my church some! The kids are having a great time and we're getting rave reviews from them. The kindergarteners went home talking about meeting Adam and Eve and Joseph and anxious to see who they'll meet the next day.

So, here's some pictures of my church in the throes of VBS--but these pics are minus children because the only time we have to run around with a camera is when there's no kids around! LoL I'm working in the kitchen (man-oh-man! We are so NOT serving cookies and kool-aid!) and my girls are helping in the kitchen and recreation, and Alex is running the sound booth for music. We run from 8:15 to about 12:15 and love it! =]

Here's the wagon Alex made for the 5th & 6th grade class room...

We're building up our collection of back drops each year and this one (of the sunset) is from last year. In the center of the room is a campfire. =]

The Kiddo Coral is our Kindergarten class...

And here's the 3rd and 4th grade class room...

The barn front is made of styrofoam sheets and the silhouettes are cardboard that we painted black. We made gobs of silhouettes and we were soooo sore, but seeing it all put together makes it all worthwhile!

And here's our stage of Mustang Mountain!

We made our menu to go with the western theme, and I'm so tickled with it I wanted to show you. LoL

Menu VBS 2010

Can you guess what the kids are having for snacks?

I've got some pictures of what our teens are doing this summer, but that will be another post.


  1. WWOOOWWW! You guys TOTALLY go all out. That looks SOOOO awesome!! Praying it produces TONS and TONS of fruit.

    (oh, and don't forget to breathe. OK?)

  2. WOOT!! VBS!!!! Ours is in two weeks, and it looks like the them is the same. :) Thanks for the pictures! Is it ok if I print them off and steal your decorating ideas -- OOPS I mean use them for inspiration? :-) We start setting up next week. I'm in the Bible Study Bunkhouse with my 1st and 2nd graders. Last year, I had 22, and we're expecting more this year. All those little souls meeting Jesus - I LOVE IT!!! (can you tell I'm a little psyched?) :-)

  3. Barbara Culler12:03 AM

    VBS sure has come along way since I was a kid! SO COOL! My church goes way out like this too!

  4. Glad to see ours isn't the only church that goes all out with the decorating! It looks great, the kids must be loving it!

  5. Awesome times, Peej! I was hoping you would list the menu:) Fun stuff.

  6. Great Job! VBS has been my favorite minstry for over 7 years, I first heard about the Lord during a program as a child. I love to see churches go all out for VBS its leaves such an impression on the children that you might not always see in the physical relm. The Lord will bless all your time and efforts!


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