Thank you!

I was, and still am, blown away by God's people. Friends, and people I didn't even know, stopped by and started praying...

Thank you.

Wednesday's are busy for me, and as I ran errands and shuttled my girls around, I was able to do a lot of thinking and praying. Peace came, mingled with the tears.

Dad called me just before my phone battery died. My phone seldom runs so low on power because I keep it charged and I was disappointed and aggravated that I had forgotten to charge it. He sounded sooo much better! The pain meds were doing their job and he and Mom had both slept well. Wonderful answers to prayer.

Thank you for praying!


  1. Praise God :) Continuing to pray.

  2. So happy to hear a good report!

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Thank the Lord! He is good.:) Take care.


  4. hi patty...i thought i would hop over and take a look at your blog, so glad i did. i ams so sorry to hear about your dad, i will lift him up in prayer..


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