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I was exhausted and at loose ends. You know the feeling. It has a way of creeping up on you and body slamming you. So when we found Cheryl Wyatt's newest release, Steadfast Soldier at Wal-Mart when we were there buying lettuce for our lunch salad, I called dibs on it. My girls probably thought I was bluffing, but I wasn't! Even though I have about five things that I needed to do, I took the day off and read Cheryl's book.

I'm only half done with it because I'm savoring it. It's that good. But hers always are. (She's one of my favorite authors and I love the names Ivan and Mary. I get it! hehe) But anyway... We usually end up sitting at church for well over an hour every Sunday evening so the kids can be involved with the activities and today, after I did the one thing I HAD to do, I read. When I walked into church I realized I had found the answer to the question I've been mulling over for a YEAR... How to fix the seemingly psycho heroine of the story I finished working on last year. Reading Steadfast Soldier circled me around so I could see the answer.

I am ecstatic and cannot wait to get to work on that story again!

What I thought would be a wonderful day of nothing but relaxing with a good book turned out to be a wonderful day of relaxing with a good book that left me anxious to get to work again.

After four months of being busy with other writing and discouragement with my fiction, I feel like I've been given a huge gift. Last week I was assured that it's okay to be an SOTPer and now God's shown me how to fix that character so she's presentable. I'm telling ya, God is so incredibly good! Only He could orchestrate those two details like He did! I may actually have something to pitch now.

How long until August?


  1. OOOhhh Peejers. SOOOOO glad you got that revelation sweets! SOOO glad!! What a wonderful, mighty, and loving God we serve!!

  2. Patty,

    HOW WONDERFUL! Everything I have, including talents and abilities) comes from God. I am SO glad He used my book to help you figure out your heroine.

    And guess what? I'm a SOTPr. It's TOTALLY okay! Write like you write and don't worry about how others do it. You will find your groove.

    You've been strongly on my mind for a solid I see I should have emailed you to check in with ya. But I did pray for you.

    If you need help with your heroine, I'm willing to take a listen.

    Hugs and THANK YOU for blogging about my book. I am so glad you liked it. Your readership is a blessing.


  3. I love how a different activity helps your mind find the exact answer to your writing predicament.

  4. I really enjoy the Love Inspired books and their fairy tale endings.

    Sigh....if only life happened like that!

  5. God is awesome, I love the unique ways He chooses to inspires us! Can't wait to read your book!

    I was blessed by Cheryl's post, she answered a question I have been pondering. Hugs, Rita


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