Family Fun!

One of the things the kids did in preparation for my parents bi-annual visit was to practice their wii boxing. You see, my mom has a mean reputation on the wii and they just did not want to be beaten by their grandmother...

I still don't who won those games, but I can tell ya, it sure was fun to watch! And listen to! Oh-my-goodness! My house was soooo noisy the week my parents were here! But that's okay. It was fun! =]

Pappy was talked into bowling by the girls and Grammy was so happy. LoL She said that maybe this summer she wouldn't have wii bowl with another man just to play. Did it work, Mom? =]

Because our tv lives in the closet in the dining room, we found it easiest to leave the tv in it's hole, shove the dining room forward and use the walk-way between the dining room and kitchen as a bowling alley. It worked great! =]

My dad even managed to get some work in on Jim's book. Between trips to Timbuktu, visiting, and splitting wood. Yes, he really did split wood! And he did more than just run the lever. *eye roll*

As much as everyone loved wii, that wasn't all we did. Really. We played cards, worked on the computer (Mom's not mine cuz I was on a computer break. Kinda.), and we played speed Scrabble. Man, but I love that game! =]

Okay, so here's one of me on wii. *eye roll* I was trying my hand at the cow racing game. Whatever the name of that game is, it sure is hilarious. LoL

One of the kids' favorite things is a weiny roast. We make up a huge pot of homemade mac 'n cheese, grab some baked beans and the dogs and head for the hill. Jim put a tractor tire rim up there as a fire pit and circled it with benches he made from old telephone poles. It's so peaceful up there and always a treat.

And there you have it: a week of life with Grammy and Pappy here. It was wonderful and the computer break for me was super. I'm already looking forward to their visit this fall! =]

(Don't forget the author spotlight and book giveaway that's going on!) =]


  1. It looks like a great time!

  2. We great time had a great time with you all. Over the summer I'd better practice on the Wii...our grandchildren are too good!

  3. My 4-yr old grandson is VERY competitve and rather talanted with the wii as well. He asked if I wanted to play wii with him, so we set up to box. Mind you he is really good with the wii...but boxing is my favorite. I knocked him out and he looked at me so disgusted and then switched the wii to single player refusing to play with grandma anymore. Needless to say, Melissa had an opportunity to teach Nathan about being a poor loser. He apologized to me and "invited" me to play (my) wii with him.

    We golfed...he won. lol *sigh*.


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