Okay, so today contained two milestones for me.

My day started with an appointment with the counselor at a local junior college with my two oldest children. They're now enrolled and ready to start COLLEGE classes in August! God really went before us and smoothed out schedules. He did more than smooth the kids' schedules, He dovetailed them beautifully so they can ride together. This was crucial since they'll have one car, and only one driver for the first quarter. Not only that, but some of their classes are online classes and He even saved the last seat in a class for my daughter. They're in the dual credit program for homeschoolers and we're praising God for this opportunity. We have their student IDs, library cards (I still don't which they were more excited about!) and parking decals. And I still can't believe it.

And the second milestone is that I went for a haircut...for the first time in 20 years. ROFL Really and truly. Oh, Mom trimmed it for me until my daughter took over that job, but this was a real haircut, and style! I can still pull my hair back into a barrette or a pony tail for those desperate days, but when it's dry, it just misses my shoulders. If I remember right, Michelle, the wonderful lady who cut it, called it a layered bob...whatever that means.

I've gotta tell ya, I LOVE it!! Jim calls me Shirley because it reminds him of Shirley Temple's 'do, but that's okay. After 20 years of the same style I'm bouncing. hehe. Literally. The curls are... well, kinda on the wild and flighty side.

Kinda crazy milestones, but hey, that's okay! Sometimes not having a typical day is kinda

So tell me, what UNtypical thing have you done recently?


  1. Congrats on the college days fast approaching!

    Your hair looks fabulous! I love the bouncing curls! It is soo you with your fun personality! Hugs, Rita

  2. Turn around so I can see the back.

  3. My untypical thing I did today was buy an espresso machine so I can make my own lattes at home:)

    Your hair looks cute, Peejers. :)

    Nik's taking a dual credit class for
    English his senior year of H.S. at a Jr. College. He just got signed up. Our kids are growing up FAST, know that?

  4. ROFL--You guys are quick on the draw!!

    Mari, you crack me up! I had a pic of the back, but my hair was all fuzzy and...a mess...from being kicked back in my chair for a movie tonight. We'll see how it looks in back tomorrow. ;-)

    Laury, that's GREAT about Nik's English class!! Way to go, Nik! =]

  5. I did the same this week for my third child, he's about to enroll as a dual enrollment student. My oldest son is graduating from homeschool this Sunday. It's like the changes hit faster and harder the older they get!
    BTW, I colored my hair today -- dark burgundy a la Sharon Osborne. Very funky. Would love to have curls, but it's not to be!

  6. Love the curls!

  7. I just LOVE the cut - I think we're even MORE practically twins now LOL. And for whatever reason, I can't think of ANYTHING atypical that I've done lately - though I'll bet you could think of something I'm not remembering!

    Excited for you, girlie!

  8. Love the curls, too. I have straight, baby fine gray hair and it does not tolerate being long. :(

    Atypical--- Blogging and lenjoying it!

  9. Love the hair .. and the goregous smile!

    Atypical: Surrendering an out-of-control eating issue to Weight Watchers. (Confession of a frustrated diabetic:)Third weigh-in coming up tonight.

    I also enjoyed your time managment piece. My spreadsheet would be a little thin right now, but I'm filing your system away for future reference. Thanks!


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