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My day job is helping authors and businesses market themselves through my company Barefoot Marketing. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my amazing wife and our two incredible teenage boys.

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It was just a letter. Cryptic, yes. Absurd? Absolutely. But Seattle software tycoon Micah Taylor can't get it out of his mind—this claim that a home was built for him, by a great uncle he never knew, on the Oregon coast. In Cannon Beach. The one place he loves. The one place never wants to see again.

Micah heads for Cannon Beach intending to sell the house and keep his past buried, but the nine thousand square feet home instantly feels like it’s a part of him. Then he meets Sarah Sabin at the local ice cream shop. Maybe Cannon Beach can be a perfect weekend getaway.

But strange things happen in the house. Things Micah can't explain. Can barely believe. All the locals will say is the house is “spiritual.” Unsettling, since Micah's faith slipped away like the tide years ago. And then he discovers the shocking truth: the home isn’t just spiritual, it’s a physical manifestation. Of his soul.

Will Micah run—or will he risk everything to see what waits for him deep within the house’s ROOMS?

Jim Rubart Rooms Chapter 1

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Jim is giving away a copy of Rooms. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment and check back on Tuesday, May 11th to see if you've won. You can enter twice--once on each post in this spotlight. If you want to guarantee that you're notified if you win, then leave your email address in the comment, otherwise, you can just check back and email me through the button in my sidebar.
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  1. Wow. Weird timing. I was just in Cannon Beach this morning...seriously. I read the first chapter and being born and raised in the Puget Sound area, I'm hooked. Sign me up for the drawing!

  2. Fabulous!
    I would love to read your book.

  3. I'd definitely like to read this book. Thanks.

  4. Please enter me:) Thanks!!


  5. This book sounds so good! Thanks for the chance to win!


  6. The setting for Rooms, Cannon Beach, is a special place for me. I'd love to read this!

  7. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I really want to read this one...please enter me. Thanks!!!

  8. Anonymous9:49 PM

    thanks for the opportunity to read this book...

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  9. Sounds like a great story and one that will be hard to put down.

    joann4us at yahoo dot com

  10. Rooms sounds really neat, and I would love to win it! Thanks for the chance to win! Esther


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