How Does Your Garden Grow?

One of the things we did when my parents were here was to plant "my garden" and I wanted to show it to you.

Don't laugh. I've wanted to do this for a couple of years.

And here's the third tomato plant. I have two Better Boys for my hubster (and kids) and one Bonnie Grape for my kids that like the lil grape tomaotes.

How do you like my super snazzy garden? Aren't the pots simply... charming? The tomato plants are growing fast and I'm wondering if they don't like their ugly buckets after-all. So, should I just leave them ugly or paint them? I'm thinking about hot pink with purple and green polka dots, but I don't want to ruin a good thing here. LoL

I was so surprised to see blossoms already!

So tell me, would red tomatoes clash with snazzy hot pink buckets planters?


  1. I don't really have a green thumb, but I sense the plants have a better self-esteem when they are in bland containers. That is, they better respond to the attention directed toward them, rather than the pots!

    Just a thought. :)

  2. ROFL Barb!
    I LOVE your reasoning!! =] =] =]

  3. The tomatoes don't!

    I saw a lesson in this and was surprised you didn't mention it.

    How we grow shouldn't matter where we are, but only if we are being fed properly.

  4. =] I knew there HAD to be a lesson in there for me,Vonnie! I missed it cuz we had a movie in while I worked on this (and there's another lesson). Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. Looks just like my container garden! Your plants will be happy as long as you care for them. :)

  6. Wow! you do have a "green" thumb! As the plants grow bigger, pretty soon you won't even see the buckets. The lush green plant and fruit will be the focus.

  7. Your plants look great!
    Mom's right the focus even now is the plant and blossoms and soon the fruit.

    That said...if you want to paint them then go for it! If seeing pink pots with polka dots will delight you then you should do it. :-)

    Tidy white uw works but isn't it more fun to have pink ones with polka dots?? Just saying....

  8. My brother gave me my first plant and that started the entire thing with gardening and houseplants. I've learned by hit and miss. I will say, my Iris went wild this Spring. God did the watering and it was a sight to see

  9. I think your tomato plants look absolutely beautiful. No complex if they outshine their planter...I see the blossoms...good eating is coming on...I have no plants yet. Tried to get dh to get me some last weekend...all I got was a look with a sarcastic-like sneer.
    No words were necessary. :(
    I'll just Joyfully enJoy yours, okay?
    Nice job!


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