Today's THE Day

THIS is the day I've been anticipating.
Excited about.
Gnawing my fingers over.
LoL--are you sea sick yet? Well, that's how I've been feeling, too. Today I'm speaking for A Woman Inspired's One Marriage Webinar. Heidi and I are sharing a session, and it starts at 11:30. So, ALL prayer is tremendously appreciated! (Read that: Please pray! I desperately need it!!)

I'm a writer not a speaker, but last year, on August 24th, I told God that if He brought speaking opportunities to me I would speak for Him. In February, when Amy asked us to speak, I knew what my reply would be because I had already made the commitment to God. I emailed Heidi (gotta love living on opposite sides of the world from each other!) and when I got her reply it was "Let's pray about it." LoL Poor Heidi. By then it was too late. I'd already said yes. I didn't want to give myself an opportunity to chicken out. =)

So today I'm talking about "Passionate and Purposeful Intimacy: Practical Ways to Put the Passion Back in Your Marriage." I'll also be doing a Q&A time, and unless I'm thinking with my fingers (writing as I think) my brain works on a delay. So pray for clarity of thought and speech for me. When I practiced the other day I caught myself dropping my r's, like a good Mainer... even though I haven't lived in Maine for 30 years. *shock* It'll be interesting to see if I drop them today. ;-)

If you came for the author spotlight I had rescheduled for yesterday and today, I'm sorry. I tried to do it, but I couldn't. I didn't have the info I need, nor could I get it online. The false advertising was not intentional. Next week, though, I'm ready to go with the last spotlight for the summer! And it's a great book! =] Then I'll be on to blogging through Joshua, Judges and Ruth as I do Kay Arthur's study.

A word to the wise: when your husband encourages you to attend Toastmasters with him, don't ever say "I don't need to cuz I'll never speak." If you do, you can be reasonably sure you'll regret it.

Yup, I learned that the hard way. Never say never.
So tell me, what have you said you'll never do?


  1. Barb C.3:21 AM

    I will be praying, Patty!

  2. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Definitely praying! You'll do fine
    because God's with you!

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Praying for you Patty!

    I said I would never homeschool, live in California and write fiction. I've done all 3!


  4. I'm praying for you.
    You'll do great.

    This time before you start is the most difficult...keep breathing, relax your tummy and neck muscles, drop your shoulders from up around your ears--take in some deep belly breaths...slow and easy.

    You know your material so take a few minutes and b-r-e-a-t-h.

  5. Opps ;-) *breathe*

  6. Oh Patty! What a blessing you have been for me today. I am so glad you did not chicken out. I cannot begin to thank you enough and I must add that you have taken something that has been very edgy in my mind and given me complete relief. Like you took the weight off of my shoulders. I thank the Lord he gave you the voice and words to share with us today. :) :)

  7. Thanks so much, girls! God answered! =]

    Heidi, I'm so glad you were there and that the weight is off! Isn't God awesomely good?! =] =] It was great getting chatting with you!



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