Stop, Look and Listen

Now, for the first Take Flight challenge, or second if you vlogged...

Stop and take a picture (or 10) of something interesting or curious and blog about it.
  • Something interesting you pass on a regular basis.
  • Something you've always wanted to stop and look at but never take the time to.
  • Something that makes you smile.
  • Anything that catches your attention.
All too often we're in a hurry getting from point A to point B and we don't slow down and savor what is around us.  I know it's winter out there, but bundle up and be brave. (And if it's warm where you are, bottle some warmth and send it to those up North. *wink)

This week, find something to savor, snap some pictures of it and tell us about it. 
  • Why did it capture your attention? 
  • Do you see it all the time? 
  • Why does it make you smile?
  • What did you do to get the picture?
  • Or let the picture talk for itself.
Let's meet back here next Monday, January 16th, and link up.

Remember, you can post ANYtime, even a long time from now, I'll just post the linky and my post on the 16th.


  1. Oooh - this one looks GOOD. And not surprising from my Peejers :)

  2. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Thanks! This is a good step for me, simple, but so valuable!


  3. Love this one. No video aimed at my face! woot!

  4. Good one! I did this today while at the post office...then continued "playing" with my subject once back much fun. Now to go through my 419 photos. LOL I'm so glad the photos aren't cookies.


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