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Before we get to this week's letter, we have some unfinished business from last week. The correct guess for "Which picture is xeliconia?" is none of them because I made that word up! How's that for being desperate for an X word?! LoL.

And the winner of the Zechariah 3:17 print is Liz Tolsma. Why? Because she actually Googled xeliconia and discovered it wasn't on Google. Way to go, Liz! =) (Send me your addy, girl, so I can get that to you.)

Now, for this week's installment of our a 2 z 4 u & me meme,
the letter Y.

I thought about telling you about my Yoyo fish...

and my sometimes-yappy dog, Gracie...

but those are old news. You guys know I'm a fool for my crazy animals. So, I thought I'd do something different this time. I know, after 23 or 24 a 2 z posts, it's about time for something unique and yet I've got to save a few things up my sleeve for next week's letter Z sooooo...

How about Yard ornaments?!
Yanno, those curious... things people have in their Yards. Sometimes they're cool. Sometimes they're weird. Sometimes they're Yucky and sometimes...

sometimes they're even normal. LoL.

But Y b normal?
**bonus points for telling me about any outrageous yard ornaments You've seen! **

Here's one I've seen, quite recently... a Yard stove.

What? Don't You have a stove in your Yard??

One of these is pretty common out here in my part of the country, along with a whole collection of other antique farm equipment. I love seeing them.

And of course, the old tractor. Cannot forget that.*eye roll*

Here's one I'd love to have. It's an ant made out of  flat stones and metal. Its eyes are jumbo washers and it was really cool. We saw it in February on our trip with the church seniors when Jim drove the bus for them to Bald Knob Cross. (Such a fun trip!!)

So tell me, what's one of the coolest Yard ornaments You've seen?

If you're joining us for the a 2 z 4 u & me meme by posting on your blog this week about the letter Y, be sure to add your name and the link to that particular post in the linky gadget here.


  1. Hmmm, I'm sure I've seen some crazy ones but naturally can't think of any. Fun pics! We used to have a plastic child's teeter-totter in our yard but it had a hole in the bottom and Yellow jackets (Y-word!) found it perfect for nesting but weren't so happy about teetering. It didn't make a very good combination.

  2. What a cool (and fun) post! My Dad made and sold some funny "yard birds" or "shovel birds" for a while. They were made with various garden implememts, including, of course, a shovel. They were really cute. I still have one but it needs to be repainted.

  3. I'm loving the ant!

    One piece of yard art that sticks out in my mind was a painted form of the backside of a plump woman who was working in the garden - all very clean, her bloomers showed up under her dress. Just cute. Reminded me of my great aunt in her garden!

  4. I love that ant too! I seriously can't think of any either - but what a fun post!!

  5. FUN post! Can't think of any yard ornaments I've seen recently. But I looove that old stove! Hugs!

  6. We used to sell yard ornaments at our store. My favorite is my sundial.

  7. I love the guys that lean against the house or tree and look like they're just relaxing. :)

    I don't personally do yard art - unless you count my animals. LOL


  8. Such a fun post! I have an angel fountain that's no longer a fountain, a rock, a dragonfly stake, two windchimes and a windsock. Love the pinwheels but currently don't have any.

  9. My mom has old boots with flowers in them:) Love your post, Peejers! <3

  10. Oooh. Fun. We have an old tractor plow at the center of our "driveway circle". The ant was hilarious--it made me laugh. :)

  11. Anonymous6:59 PM

    One of the funniest things I've seen in this category was a pair of stiff legs protruding from an upright trash barrel next to the road, up around Dixmont, I think (maybe Redneckville). Wish I could send a photo. Makes me do a double take every time I happen to drive by it (its been there for years)on a road trip up that way, and keeps me grinning and chuckling for miles.


  12. I LOVE the old stove! Yard ornaments--fantastic post! Hugs!

    Making up an "X" word--that's just took FUN! :)

  13. That would be "too FUN"! :)

  14. I have rusty stuff... a broken tricycle my hubby found while hunting, a dented metal milk can, and some random farm-type implements.
    My faves are the ones that make you stop and look. Like putting a tiny door at the base of a tree.


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