Senior For a Day

Last month held several surprises for me--all good ones! I'll tell you about the others next week, but today I want to show you my Senior for a day outing with the senior adults of my church.

Every so often they like to do things together and this month they went to Bald Knob Cross--one of Southern Illinois' attractions. The road there is narrow and windy so they asked Jim to drive for them, never suspecting they'd need the bus for this trip. Well, WE never suspected they'd need the bus! There were 25 that went on the trip and it was one of the nicest days we've had all year so far! The sun was out! (It celebrated the passing of February with me. LoL)

We stopped at the Giant City Lodge for lunch (and I neglected to get pictures of the Lodge. grrrrr.) where they have woooooonderful fried chicken! Jim and I sat at a table with two couples that are attend Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights while others are in choir, and it was fun visiting and getting to know them. Needless to say, it wasn't near as quiet the following night at Prayer Meeting. ;-)

Our church has an abundance of twins and we had two sets on the bus with us. The sisters in the red jackets are the ladies that oversee the church clothing room where I normally work one morning a week. Normally. This semester my car is busy with a campus run so Esther and I aren't able to work there. I have to tell you, I really miss my time with all the ladies who work there! Many of them are in the group picture above, but I didn't get to visit with them on the outing. Maybe over Spring Break I'll be able to get in for the clothing room and get caught up with them. They're very important ladies to me.

This is the BIG road. The road before the narrow, windy road which was just wide enough for the bus and there were a couple cars that came whizzing around a corner toward us and found a huge surprise: a tour bus taking up the road. LoL. I think it flustered them more than it did Jim who merely chuckled and watched them slide past.

Here's the bus and Bald Knob Cross.

On our way home we stopped at Alto Pass in the Root Beer Saloon. On the sidewalk was a gigantic ant that we loved. There were smaller versions in a storefront and the artist also made several other little critters that were cute.

Our bus rather dominated that part of town...

Have I ever mentioned that I love Photoshop? hehe.

This store was INcredible! What a history lesson within four walls! Posted on the front door (naturally, a wooden screen door) was a sign that said no pictures without permission, so I put my camera away and just wandered through. The atmosphere was not 21st century at all! Their register was one of those huge ones--gorgeous--and there were potbellied stoves and so many other relics of an era gone by. I loved it.

Here we are in Alto Pass. See the phone in my hand? The kids weren't with us. They were home alone. LoL. It's an extra special treat to get away for a day, but I'm so very thankful for today's technology that allowed me to keep tabs on what was going on at home. I was able to relax and totally enjoy my (senior-for-a)day.

To the senior adult department at my church:
Thanks for inviting me along! You guys are GREAT!


  1. Am glad you got away and had some fun. Those seniors know how to have a good time, don't they?

  2. Oh, looks like such a lovely, FUN day! So glad you enjoyed it, sweetie!

  3. Anonymous6:01 AM

    I like hanging around with seniors.
    I want to go to that store.
    Glad you had fun!

  4. I love Seniors--and it's a good thing because I'm headed there as we speak. I wish more people took the time to enjoy them.


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