Black and White Visitor

One of the things of living where we do (in the middle of nowhere, LoL) is that we sometimes have... visitors. Four-footed visitors. Yesterday's was the friendly variety even though she's black with a white stripe.

We were curious about what Gracie would think of another (strange) dog in her territory, but once she saw the pup wasn't a threat to her or my daughter, and she still got attention, she was fine. Now the cats took a little longer, but they're coming to terms with each other. Here's Esther with Gracie and the pup, and FlufferNut found a safe place to observe while she decided if it was safe or not.

This is the latest I remember ever having snow. It stinks! LoL But at least it won't be here long! And ironies of ironies--I'm posting today at Jewels of Encouragement about Spring, and daffodils! (Can you tell I love daffs?) Won't you join me at Jewels of Encouragement today?


  1. Snowing when it's supposed to be spring and humid when it's supposed to be autumn here! Crazy weather! The new pup looks very cute!

  2. Absolutely LOVE fluffernut on your daughter's back. TOO funny! Love you.


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