It Beats Snow!

My older kids are on Spring Break and I don't think this was part of their plans... But you know how plans go. I had great plans to do a signs of spring post for today at The Barn Door, but the weather didn't co-operate and I got busy doing other things so, no signs of spring post today at The Barn Door. Instead I posted about Eyes in the Dark and being safe in Christ. Won't you join me?

That's my oldest (in a retired firefighters' rig, courtesy of my brother-in-law) walking out to check the well. Each year the well gets flooded so we watch for it--which is an adventure for the boys because they have to check everything along the way, and beyond the well and... well, you know boys.

Our yard fills with water so it looks like our deck is lake front property. Sometimes it's a close call because our yard turns into a lake. The pasture next door fills and the corn field across from it looks like a rice paddy.

It's all part of Spring here in our neck of the wood. And it sure beats the snow they're getting 50 miles north of us! ;-)

So tell me, how's Spring where you are?

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  1. Just looking forward to the snow melting here - supposed to be 60 on Thursday. Woowoo!!


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