Even if it's 50

Recently I've been researching missions in Ecuador, where I spent my teen years as a missionary kid. Although I've LOVED the research and all that I'm learning, it's not been easy. Maybe because missions is so near and dear to my heart—one of those things I hold close.

Inti Raymi Fiesta
I'm learning more about perseverance as I study missions in Ecuador. Did you know that missionaries worked with the Quichua people for 50 years before any were saved? (LoL—if you knew that, email me cuz I have a little gift for you. Really.) The Quichua New Testament had been translated and published by that time and slowly the people were saved and being baptized.

50 years.
I get frustrated when my kids don't listen and change their actions after only 5 minutes of me explaining why they should. I give up on people after maybe 5 months of feeling like I'm banging my head on the wall. Yet those missionaries worked and lived and loved the Quichuas for over 50 years before seeing eternal fruit for all the blood, sweat and tears they poured into those people. And yes, missionaries pour boatloads of blood, sweat and tears into the people they're living amongst. I've seen it in almost every missionary I know well enough.

Those missionaries were willing to live and work for years and years without seeing fruit for their labor—simply because they were convinced they were where God wanted them, doing what God wanted them to do. If they had quit, there wouldn't be thousands of Quichua believers now.

50 years.
And I get impatient over the stupidest things. So many of my (writer) friends grow discouraged and quit when they don't see a contract in 5 years. So many of us throw in the towel when we don't see the progress we think we should, but where does persevering simply because it's where God wants us fit into the equation? Am I willing to do what God wants me to even if I don't see the progress or fruit I think I should?

Even if it's 50 years?

I think I need to change my perspective. 
How about you?

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  1. Peej, your timing here is perfect!! I've been thinking for two weeks how much I feel like Jeremiah and mourning not seeing results of my labors in a certain area. And Jeremiah only preached for 30 years! Thank you for sharing the story of the Quicha (I'm sure I didn't spell that right. ;) ) and for the not-so-gentle-but-much-needed nudge to change my perspective.

  2. Fifty years? Wow. (and even though we share a brain, I did NOT know that. You holding out on me? ;) )
    What a reminder - one I SO needed. Great post, my friend.

  3. Yes, I've known missionaries who have given their whole life to the preaching of the Gospel. It shows that when God gives you a mission, you just can't stop.
    Thanks for this, Peej.

  4. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Ouch! I think you just stepped on every one of my toes. I am so result oriented that it gets it the way of me obeying God. I'm also terribly impatient and getting more so as I age. I find myself stuck in the mindset of instant gratification, especially with all our technology helping that happen in so many ways.

    Great post! Thank you for it.

  5. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Thank you for this Patty! He wants us to have His eternal perspective! How easy it is to follow the temporal perspective of our flesh. But He delights in giving us His own mind so that we can join in His glory! We're really blessed beyond our own comprehension.



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