Among a few other things, I've been racing the ACFW Genesis deadline. Since a picture is worth oodles of words, and often better, here's a word picture for you:

Yup, I'm in. Safe. (although I've not heard from them confirming receipt of my entry yet... so how safe I am is still debatable.) I wasn't planning on entering this year, for several reasons but time being one of them, but one of the blogs I keep up with, even if I don't comment (cuz it's a vortex over there for me!) is Seekerville. Tina Radcliffe is a drill sergeant (hey, did I spell that right? I caught myself spelling it Sargent. hehe. It IS the best way to spell Sargent, yanno!) So anyway, one day when I was procrastinating by visiting there, Tina posted about the Genesis and I was trapped. I just could not miss another year. Soooooooo, I crammed yet another thing into poor lil ol Februaray.

And now, if I didn't have what feels like hundreds of loose ends to tie up, I'd join Gracie and FlufferNut out in the woooooonderful sunshine...

Oh well. Maybe when I'm a woman of leisure and have a few bonbons to pop.
At least I feel like I'm back in the land of the living. :-)


Thanks so much for stopping by! I love hearing from you.

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