Daffy Days

Spring is a time for new growth and even new beginnings, right? Well it's Spring and there's new growth shooting up in my life and in my days.

Seriously, I've had some daffy days, and it's truly put me in a daze.

I had my plans laid out from now through September. I knew what I needed to do, why I needed to do them, and how I was going to accomplish it. But it went up in smoke over the weekend. And so did my attitude. I gave both duct tape and my delete key a good work out, and I am sooooo thankful I did because God changed my attitude and things are okay. I've been saying for a long time that I want GOD'S timing for God's will in my life and this weekend the rubber met the road (as my dad is fond of saying).

If I'm not able to get the missionary romance manuscript done before September, it's okay. God's timing is best. And when my attitude takes a turn for the worse, as it often does, I need to return to God's sovereignty and give Him control of my life and IN my life. It's a conscious choice I have to make, regardless of whether I want to or not.

Spring. New growth. New beginnings. Blooming of dormant things...

I truly love Spring. And I'm posting today at The Barn Door about Sure Signs of Spring. If you happen to go to church with me, or live around here, you'll recognize a picture or two at The Barn Door. ;-) I'd love for you to join me there.

So tell me, do you have new growth in your life? How about something that was dormant blooming?

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  1. I love spring! And yes God is leading me to use a gift that has been dormant for a very long time. I'm trying to trust Him and some days it is easier than other days. I hope to soon see the buds open and blossom!


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