Learning Curves

They can be painful sometimes, yanno?
(This is one of my favoritest pictures! My husband often says to eat your frogs first so you can enjoy the rest--meaning, do the thing you're putting off  so you can enjoy the rest of the day.)

Last week I ate my frog—something I've put off several times—and I installed Wordpress on a site. That was the easy part. (Which had me wondering why I let something so minor stop me.) Then, when I finally figured out how to get to right place, I installed a new template, which was also easy. THEN I opened up editor (admittedly, with fear and trembling) and that's when the learning curve shifted from gentle to steep. Ay yi yi.

I love Blogger. Really and truly. It's so user-friendly and easy to work with. I've learned how to work it so it does most everything I want from it. But Wordpress has a whole 'nother level to it—one that's needed for my husband's website, and Adding Zest's new site and... yeah, you get the picture. SO, I've been banging my head on the wall learning how to manipulate Wordpress. And it's given me a headache, eye strain, and completely stalled out almost every area of my life, especially my blogging. (Hear me whining? Think I'll scrounge up some cheese to go with it.)

So what's a girl to do? Shut up and work. (Hehe. Mercy is not my strong suit.) I have a deadline—two weeks from yesterday. By then the site needs to be functional. We can fine tune and tweak it as we go after that. Since it's my husband's site, it certainly won't be girlie! Nor will it look how I want it to look. After all, it's not my site, I'm simply building and designing it for my husband, so it will look how HE wants it to. A site that will be pleasing in his eyes. And I'm good with that. Even if it's beige and brown and doesn't use the blue that I think looks so nice. Even if I think placing something there is all wrong. (Are you getting a taste of how things are going?)

This has been a good reminder to me that just like I'm not the owner of my husband's site, I'm not the owner of my life. I might be doing the decorating, but I need to keep in mind that since I'm not the owner, I need to listen to what the owner, God, wants for me and work accordingly. That means that even if He says He wants colors that I consider ugly or ugly features or things in places where I don't want them, that I need to listen to what HE wants and build a life that will be pleasing in His eyes.

Because after all, my life is not my own. When I'm done, I want my Lord to be happy with the work I've done. I want to be able to hear a “well done” not “that's not what I asked for”. Besides, God sees the big picture of my life while I struggle with even seeing the here and now clearly.

What about you? How's the decorating of your life coming? Are you listening to the Master even when it's tough?


  1. We're always trying to give Him what He hasn't asked for!

    Should I be thinking about going to Wordpress? Some instinct says yes.

  2. Yes, we are, Lisa. It's something I'm constantly doing. I'm so very grateful for His patience and mercy.

    Um, moving to Wordpress? It depends on what you're wanting to do with your site. WP has a great content management system which some need.

  3. He doesn't really give us much choice, does he? Always pestering us til we do it His way. hehehe

  4. Oooh yeah. I love how you find the lessons even in the hair-pulling moments, peejers.

  5. You're right, Linda. He does keep after us to do things His way--and when we do, the ultimate outcome is always so much better than it would have been otherwise. In light of eternity, which is something that can be difficult for me to keep in mind.

    And I'm so glad He does! His way is so much better!!! =] =]

  6. Why is it that we have to learn this lesson over and over in our lives?

    Every time I think I have it conquered, God shows me another part of my life that isn't surrendered to Him.

    BTW - praying for you. You can do it, Peej! ((hugs))


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