When It Rains, It Pours

Last week was a humdinger! I wish I could say I've not been blogging because I've been reading and popping bonbons, but that's not the case.

Two doozies in one day is more than enough for anyone! The nice one was learning our heater/ac was no longer repairable. How can that be nice? Well, our repair man happens to be a friend we've referred a lot of work to and he gave us a super-duper deal on installing what we needed to get us some heat (it was COLD part of last week!!) and ac going again. I am so very thankful for him!!

Since our air handler thingie is in the attic, I had to clean out the attic so the guys could have room to work. Ay yi yi. Such fun. My house has been trashed (again) from head to toe and it was awful. Just yesterday we blitzed on it between lunch and running out the door for Easter rehearsal so it's much better, but it still has a ways to go.

In the midst of all that mess that big storm rolled through, leaving us with damp, rainy days, which is when our kitchen sky light decided to leak. Now, I can hear some of you grumbling about sky lights always leaking, but ours don't. Jim is very good at what he does and he custom made these for us. They're big and they don't leak and haven't for over 10 years. Earlier in the week they covered them for the summer (we had no ac then and before the storm it was getting hot in here so that was a quick and easy fix to cool things down) and didn't see anything wrong... but something's up. We had drips at three of the four corners, so he had to find out what was going on.

With all the other repair going on, one more patch in the ceiling didn't matter. LoL. This was just too good to pass up. He found where the leak originates and will get it taken care of.

It was just one of those weeks. In some ways it was that final straw that pushed us to some more changes here. Please pray for work for Jim. It's been a very long haul the past few years. We want God's best job, in God's time and way. I know God supplies for our needs. He's been doing all these years we've been self-employed, but it appears the self-employed days might be over.

Another change is that I'll be working. From home. Doing what I know: blog and website design. Teaching it and hiring my services out and designing for others—something I've been doing for about 3 years, without pay, but seasons change. I love designing and teaching so I'm excited about the plans I've been working on this weekend. God's been pouring ideas into my head and as soon as I get things on paper I'll let you know. God confirmed this decision the very day we made it and He opened my queue. What a great God He is!


  1. Ohhh Peej - that picture is HILARIOUS!!!!! I think you need a caption contest for it.

    And you KNOW I'm praying.

  2. Ha ha ha... it sounds something like my household right now. (without the leaking skylight)

    praying for you and Jim ...and job opportunities


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