Called vs. Offering

In this month's ACFW course, Terry Burns is teaching a class that changed my life last year and started me down a path that still surprises me. A path where I have to use my mouth instead of my pen—which is NOT easy for me! I'm a wall flower and I love being one. One of my favorite places is the airport because I can just sit and people-watch. It's one of my favorite past times and at the airport no one thinks you're shy or worse yet a snob because you aren't talking to anyone.

One of the points Terry made this last week in the class is that of being called to write vs. your writing being an offering to God. It's a topic that made me do a lot of deep thinking last year, and now I'm doing it again this year.

A big part of me says writing is my offering to God. But peace hasn’t come with that thought. Yet it scares me to death to think that God called me to write. There seems to be so much more responsibility with being called. Yes, regardless of called or offering, your writing must be your best, but being called deals with God's purpose for you. Sometimes I hope that being called to write (if indeed I am) is about what God has for me to learn because let's face it—I learn and think best with my fingers on the keyboard or a pen in my hands. But then I see my thinking and laugh. The world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m here to bring glory to God, to fulfill His purpose for me. Could a call to write be for something as simple as what it will teach me? Does it have to go further than me and the files on my computer or my journal?

For fifteen years I tried to ignore the feeling that God was calling me to write and it just about destroyed my family. It seems that writing isn’t an option for me—as much as I’d like it to be. Life would be so much simpler if I weren’t trying to juggle four teens, one grade-schooler, marriage, homeschool, computer work, and writing. So much easier! But the best things in life usually are NOT the easy things, and God didn’t call us to a life of ease.

Not all of us here are writers but I think the same principle applies. Are you called to what you're doing or is it your offering to God? Does it make a difference in how you do things?

So tell me, do you see there’s more responsibility if you’re called to write (or whatever it is you're doing) vs. it being your offering to God?


  1. Ooooh boy. Need to ponder this big-time. Will be back to read in the morning again - when my head isn't already checked out.


  2. Okay - I'm back ;)

    I definitely see your point. An offering to God I'm assuming is a "free-will" offering - unless it's a required one - but that's not how I'm reading this. If it's your calling, then it is no longer a choice as far as God's plan for you - unless you're rejecting His plan.

    I'm not sure where I fit in here, but it is something I will definitely be praying about.

    Great post, Patty.


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