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It's gotten to the point that I don't often mention it when I post on other sites... that's not necessarily a good habit. To be honest, I post on several sites and it got to the point that I felt like all I was doing was posting notices here to visit me elsewhere, and that really, really bothered me. So I quit.

Each month, on the 5th and 22nd, I post at the Barn Door. I use lots of pictures that I take here, there, and yonder as I go through my days here in Southern Illinois. That's one reason why I love the Barn Door so much--it's just about life here in the Midwest. Down home. Easy. Comfortable. Very much me.

So, for that reason, today I'd like to invite you to join me at The Barn Door. It's simply a post about this season that I love. Few words. (Which makes it even better.) And if you're curious, *eye roll* you can see other places I post by clicking the Community tab above.

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