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Our Christmas tradition starts Christmas Eve when we put out the gifts. Long ago my sisters and I started shaking the gifts as we loaded the tree. It quickly became a game and Mom got smart. She camouflaged gifts in extra boxes and added things to rattle and shake in the box... LoL, that's something we do here too now. As you can see, I have to because it isn't just my hubs that shakes the gifts here...

Christmas morning starts with stockings, which is one of my favorite parts. Mom puts the best stuff in our stockings--I hope to learn that knack...

After the kids open their stockings, we have a big breakfast, and do the dishes, much to the kids' frustration, LoL.

THEN we move on, beginning with...

A tradition my father started years ago is to read the Luke 2 account of the birth of Jesus. It's one of those things that's near and dear to us and something we've continued on with even when Mom and Dad aren't with us for Christmas.

After Dad or Jim reads Luke 2 and we talk about it some, then comes the gifts. One at a time, taking turns so we can enjoy and savor each gift given and received.

Christmas is a family time we treasure.

So tell me, what's your favorite family Christmas tradition?

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  1. Awww! Your photos are perfect for illustrating the memories. How wonderful for you and your family!

  2. Good fun and good memories!

  3. Wonderful memory maker!

  4. We've done our share of camouflaging gifts at our house, too! Especially the times when someone is getting the one and only thing they really truly wanted--and we don't want them to assume!

  5. Yep, yep on the camouflaging here too. Another little trick my hub enjoys doing it to tape up every last fold and possible opening so getting those presents is a real challenge. The kids hate when Dad wraps gifts!

  6. Had the gift camouflage thing going when the kids were younger. I remember one Christmas I put beans in every box. The kids were sure every time that this one was the puzzle. They didn't get a puzzle that year! Ha!

  7. LOVE that pic of Jim shaking his present. PRECIOUS! Great traditions.

  8. Patty, thanks for sharing these treasured Christmas memories and traditions. The reading from Luke is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Hugs!

  9. Thank you for the walk down memory lane! These last years, with the boys all grown, scattered and establishing their own family traditions, have left us having to create new ones. It is an interesting cycle. The pic of Jim is spot on! :-)

  10. Jackie, I had to laugh--it's the same here with the gifts Dad wraps. He uses SHIPPING TAPE!! LOL

    Cheryl, I really miss our big family Christmases. But we had a couple more than we thought we might have, so that's good. Fun, FUN times to remember! =]


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