Caption Contest: November

The winner of October's Caption Contest was Diana Dart. Be sure to check out her caption for the katydid.

At the fair this year, my middle son and I wandered off from the others and found this guy in the petting zoo...

November's caption contest picture:

Leave your captions in the comments.
The fam will help me pick a winner.
Winner will be post on Saturday, November 26th.
Winner will receive "a lil something" from me. 


  1. This picture reminds me of when I took my then pre school age daughter on a field trip and the camel came right in our open wagon in search of food. His little head right next to her. :)

    Anyway, here is my caption:
    "So happy not to be a turkey this month!"

  2. Totally not orignal, but:

    "So a camel walks into a bar..."

    (He looks like he's laughing!)

  3. Heeeeey, Baby, you're lookin' good! (That's what Don would say.)

  4. No idea why, but this happy/proud look made me think this guy is saying,

    "Yeah, I was there when Jesus was born."

  5. "Hey, there, pretty girl."

    Said with the hey drawn out hheeyyy

    Dunno why... that's just how he said it.

  6. "Oooh. Is that a CARROT?"

    (shrug - gotta at least try!)


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