Well, isn't today special? LoL. Or something.

Today I'm posting on three different sites! Mind-boggling.

Today is part 2 of a 4 part series on blogging at Reflections in Hindsight. It's on Blog Niche vs. Purpose. What's the difference between having a niche and the purpose of your blog? Is one better than the other? Come join the discussion! This month I'm giving away a premade design to one of the commenters one my blog series there. ;-)

I'm also at The Internet Cafe Devotions, blogging about taming hurricanes. I'd love for you to stop by Hurricane Season and see what happened when I tried taming one.

And last, but certainly not least, I'm posting today at Jewels of Encouragement--a very special site to me. This is a site made up of Faithwriters and this group of ladies encourages me and blesses me constantly. I'm so very thankful for them. I wrote about Finding Focus... something that's hard to come by sometimes.

Also, if you're interested in taking my blogging class, let me know.
Hugs all around. You guys are so very special to me. =)

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