I have two sisters and I rarely get to see them. Unfortunately. But this week was an exception to the rule and I'm so thankful! My (older hehe) sister and her husband stopped by on their way East and spent almost 24 hours with us. It. was. wonderful!

Last night we had a serious game of speed Scrabble. She stomped me (So what's new. She always does. LoL), but I beat my older daughter. Barely. *eye roll* That won't happen for too much longer! Then we spent a very relaxing morning talking (what a surprise. Not.) and looking at pictures (so this pic is certainly not us at our best...just our hanging out, normal selves--that's my story and I'm stickin' with it.).

C was good with her camera before--she and I had the same camera, coincidence--but since she's been shooting more and more and taking an online photo class and studying, she's gotten REALLY good! It was sooo cool to see her pictures! (Shelley, she has a suhweet camera like yours now--but it has waaaay too many buttons and gizmos for me. LoL) She has some pictures of sea glass that are gorgeous. Yes, I have a fascination with sea glass--it comes from spending my childhood on the coast of Maine. The good news: C is planning on jumping back into blogging sometime soon. CanNOT wait! She's the one responsible for getting me into blogging and taught me the first things I learned about blogs. I can't wait until she gets her blog up and going.

After getting a pic of the two of us, my girls wanted one with the four of us. I'm so glad we did! Sisters really are some of the best people in the world!

Too bad my other sister wasn't here, too. sigh. Maybe someday. But for now, I'm grateful for the day I had with one of them.


  1. I'm so blessed to have a close relationship with my two sisters and to get to see them often. Love hearing about your sis and seeing the pictures!

  2. Sooo glad you had some wonderful sister time. ALWAYS wanted a sister - so glad I've got all my jewely sisters, and sisters in Christ :)

  3. Me, too, Joanne. I had two brothers, not the same. BUT I have two absolutely wonderful sister-in-laws and two amazing daughters, so I'm luckier than most. God is good...

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  5. I always wanted a sister! I have three brothers and God blessed me with four beautiful daughters! So happy you had a chance to spend time with your lovely sister! Love you!


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