All's Right

Ah. After almost 10 days of weirdness, all's right in my world again.
My kids are home from their missions trip!
After 17 years of having more than one child, it was only me, Jim and Isaac here at home last week. It. was. soooooo. weird.

Above they're lined up according to age--much to Abby's disgust. She doesn't like that she'll be the shortest in the family soon. ;-)

Each Monday this month, I'm at Reflections in Hindsight, posting about blogging. The series is titled "How to make blogs work for you" and it's something I love talking (and writing) about. I'd love to have you stop by and visit!

Also, another blogging class will be starting July 12th and you can learn more about the class here. The blog series at Reflections in Hindsight covers different material than the class, and there's a giveaway going on there for a premade layout. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment there to be entered. =)


  1. I didn't realize you had five kids. Fun getting to see them! Glad everything is right again, hehe.

  2. Glad your kids are home. I know you are proud of what God did in their lives while they were gone. My daughter goes to Kenya next month and I am so excited for her.

  3. I always felt like a mother hen with all my chicks back in the nest when everyone came home. (psst - This will happen more and more as they get older.)

  4. Having the children all home certainly does make everything right in a mom's world!
    BTW I love listening to you talk about blogging! :)
    Can't wait to find time to redo my blog!

    Love you!


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