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 This is one of those memes I love. It only happens on the third Thursday of the month (which is why I almost always forget it. ugh.) and it always makes me pause and contemplate what's really going on--yanno, what's going on deep-down inside. It's a journey as I peel back layers to find it.

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  • Lately crunch time has settled on me and I'm feeling the need to increase my productivity.
  • Lately I've been editing an old project and doing character creation on a new, short project that sprang up on Monday. And loving both.
  • Lately it's a struggle to keep from freaking out over what I still need to prepare for the Faithwriters conference. I'll be glad when both sessions are ready to roll.
  • Lately organization has been a big thing for me. It's paying off.
  • Lately I've drifted from something that I need like water.

And therein lies the crux of the issue for me. Time spent in God's Word is crucial and yet I've let that slide. It explains much. Pastor Mike said once (at least) that when you find you've strayed from the path you need to turn around and go back to where you stepped off and take care of things there. Then you can move forward again. I did that this last week and worship on Sunday was a balm to my soul. I'm so thankful for my church. Even more, I'm thankful for God's patience and mercy and forgiveness. Where would we be without those?

So tell me, what have you been doing lately?


  1. Trying to learn the same thing, Patty. How to better organize my time to increase my productivity without glossing over the other important things in my life.

  2. Beautiful post Patty and so glad you joined us!

    He is not letting me get far from his Word lately....He knows I need His wisdom so much right now...and I am thankful for Him and His attention to us.

  3. Love this post - so glad you're enjoying your projects, and your organizing is falling into place. LOVE you, girl. And you'll do FINE at conference!


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