A Few -apparently needed- Hints and Tips From an Agent

Join me welcoming my agent, Linda Glaz.(Wow. I still don't know whether to flop back in shock or dance when I say that. My agent. hehe. Sooo cool.) And she's a very cool lady and friend. We're even friends on days other than Fridays.

And now, here's Linda with
A Few (apparently needed) Hints and Tips 
From an Agent

When you approach an agent or editor, what makes you stand out in the crowd?
In a good way…

Let’s first analyze a few of the bad ways to stand out.

Agent: I enjoyed your query and am very intrigued by the premise of your book. Could you please send along a proposal per our agency guidelines at your earliest convenience?

Writer: I appreciate your interest, while I’m too busy to put together a formal proposal, feel free to stop by my website and have a sample read. www.bigdopeywriter.com

Writer: You’ve been selected out of all the agents I’m submitting to as the one to have the first crack at this work. I just know you’ll see the potential for the future of this book. Hopefully you will have the intelligence to see this and the connections needed to get this book into the right hands. From what I’ve heard about your agency, I’m sure you do.

Agent: I don’t want to hold you back. Feel free to send to Number Two on your list.

Please stop sitting at your computer laughing. Worse has been done and said.

So now we know how to get negative attention. Let’s look on the positive side.

Agent: Your premise is very intriguing. I would love to have a look at a well-polished, professional proposal. Please see our agency guidelines and submit to me at your earliest convenience.

Writer: I’m anxious to show you my proposal. Let me freshen it according to the agency’s guidelines, and I’ll have it to you within a week. Thanks for this opportunity.

Do agents and editors want people groveling? No, but a person who shows that they can follow directions and are eager to make a presentation in a timely matter will find themselves at the top of the pile for a read. While others with VERY good books will never be seen. Few people are willing to wade through giant-sized egos to be lucky enough to have that read.

The way an author responds with a proposal shows the editor or agent how well and how timely the writer will be when editing a manuscript. There’s nothing worse than working with someone who doesn’t “have a clue”.

Sending children’s books to an editor who only handles adult fiction is a tip-off that the author didn’t do his homework.

Sending erotica to an agency that considers novels from a Christian world view, is not only foolish, it closes doors that didn’t need to be closed.

Please don’t get me wrong. We all have foolish and embarrassing stories from when we started out. You don’t? Ooh, I’m bad. I have a drawer full, but I learned from the mistakes and moved on.

I would rather have one good author who is willing to work his or her behind down to a size one than forty amazing authors who are difficult to work with, having egos that are a size 18. There isn’t enough money in the world!

That being said. Send me your proposals:
per the agency guidelines…I love nothing better than a good read.


Linda Glaz is an agent with Hartline Literary Agency and is always looking for the next great book and wonderful writer to work with. While she will look at any proposal other than children's, fantasy, and erotica, her heart is with fiction. No graphic sexuality or language. A veteran of the Air Force, she's already had the opportunities in life to meet a lot of characters; show her some interesting ones in your book. Please check the agency guidelines before submitting.

You can find Linda online at her blog http://lindaglaz.blogspot.com/ and at Harline's blog.


  1. I haven't attempted to write a book YET, but I'll be sure to remember you tips.

    I hope you will come by to check out my new web site Patty. I left blogspot ...



  2. Linda - want a shock?? www.bigdopeywriter.com is an OPEN domain! You think I should go snatch it up? ;)

    Seriously - WONDERFUL advice - and I'm ABSOLUTELY tickled that you're here, and friend and agent to my dear Patty. :)

  3. ROFL. Run, don't walk, JoDear.
    jk. Really.

    HI Beth! I'll stop by later today. =]

  4. Linda, I enjoyed meeting you here today! Lots of great advice that I am making careful note of!
    Also, thanks for the encouragement!

  5. yeah, Jo. I checked before adding that domain so I wouldn't insult any REAL person. But I figured that would be safe. Best wishes to you all.

  6. Great tips! I hope I didn't come across like bigdopeywriter.com with my proposal--LOL!

  7. Whoo hoo, great tips! Love hearing that hard work and attention to detail will allow an author to move forward. Brings a smile to my big, dopey face :)


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