Panic Pusher

So, three weeks from today I'll be at the Faithwriters conference, teaching two workshops. As jazzed as I am about being with friends I only get to see once a year, I'm also fighting down panic. Yes, I've reached the panic point of prepping for the workshops. Joy of joys. Thankfully, one class I taught last year, 'Clearing the Blog Fog', is all prepared. Well, make that mostly prepared. I need to update it and add a section on group blogs for this year. But that's minor compared to starting from scratch for the second workshop.

Platform and Personna. Yup. That's the all-new class that has me sweating and watching the days tick by while I'm working like crazy—on other things, of course. Now, lest you wonder, I do have the material half prepared. Or more. And since this topic is one of my, ah hem, soap boxes, it's not like I have to do gargantuan amounts of study for it. Thank goodness! It's a matter of corralling my thoughts (quit laughing at that, girls! It can be done!) and putting them into logical order, with PowerPoint slides so I can do more than stammer and stutter up there.

Ay yi yi. I looooove teaching. Online. Via email. Love it. But this whole in-person-standing-up-in-front-of-people-thing makes my bones rattle. Seriously. Which is why I'm teaching the class on Platform and Personna—because I'm a certified, professional wall-flower. Just ask anybody at my church and they'll agree. The whole point is that not only are platforms necessary for writers, and any ministry you're involved in, but wall-flowers can build an effective platform by creating a personna. And yes, I have one. Thankfully, my personna is me—the real me. The me that answers to Peej and Peejers more readily than Patty. The me my poor family sees, especially when I'm really relaxed and really tired. My personna is my more flamboyant side that you guys see here on my blog and friends and class members see in emails. It's just a matter of letting that side of me come out when I'm actually with people, not with my keyboard. And therein is the cause for sweating. Okay. That and this time thing. Three weeks? Yikes! I'd better get to work!

Oh! And before I forget! Yesterday I was visiting my friend, Jen, and we talked about a lesson I learned from hummingbirds. It was so well timed for me because the storm winds were blowing me around yesterday. Stop by Jen's place to find out what I did.

Also, I posted at The Barn Door. July's Weed Watcher's Report. I love doing the Weed Watcher's Reports. They make me slow down and look around, and even pause for a picture... or a dozen because I cannot take just one. It's about like cookies and potato chips.

So tell me, what pushes your panic button?


  1. You'll do just fine! Once you get on the topic, your passion will overtake your anxiety! :)

  2. Thank you, Barb. =] That's what I'm hoping. (and I bet that's what people in my class are hoping too. LoL)

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Your friends will be praying. You'll get thru it just fine.


  4. What makes me panic? Not meeting deadlines. Too much to do.

    You'll be nice and prepared, and the nervousness will go away.

  5. I had a panic attack today, too. (and probably have a few more in the next few weeks)
    You'll do fine, Peej. I'm looking forward to it.

  6. I'm so very thankful for my friends!! Love you guys!!

    Hugs all around!


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