Treasure Hunting Marathon

Another thought to tack onto Thursday's post on Time Management ala Patty, and it applies to any goal you have, not just writing...

If you're relatively new to this writing thing, remember it's a marathon and you can't sprint a marathon. Trying to burns you out long before the finish line is in sight. Use these first years (yes, years is plural) to lay a foundation, to practice, to make contacts, to build your platform, and to build your endurance muscles.

How do you
eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

If you have young children at home, realize it might take a little longer because you're a wife and mom first, writer second. The two combine well, but you have to keep the writing balanced. If the writing outweighs the family, you probably won't like the end results.

When I first started writing I knew it would take time so I set a realistic goal for my writing. LoL, I was so... scared and lacking confidence that the goal gave plenty of leeway. With the goal in place, I studied what I needed to do to get me from where I was then (homeschool mom of 5 with a platform of maybe 15 people, techno-challenged, and scared silly) to where I wanted to be. Then I started working in the cracks of my mom-day. Baby steps. A little here and a little there add up.

The reasoning that kept me going:
These are years for preparing. Invest them wisely.

You don't want to race to the finish line only to discover that it wasn't just a race, but that it was a treasure hunt and you don't have any of the things you need. Take the time to hunt out that treasure so when you reach the finish line your goodie bag is brimming with things you've gathered on your journey.

This doesn't apply just to writing—it fits for any long term goals you may have. Life is a treasure hunting marathon.

So tell me, what are some goodies in your bag? Found any treasure lately?


  1. Patty,

    God gave you that word just for me. I know it. If you have a minute check out my blog for today and you'll see why I say that. :)

    Thanks so much.

    Ginger Solomon

  2. Super thoughts, Peejers. It IS a marathon. Needed the reminder!

  3. Ginger, I could SO relate to your post!! =] So glad you stopped by!

    JoDear--love ya, girl. You're such an encouragement along this marathon! =]

  4. As you know, Peej, I didn't write in earnest until my kids were grown, but I have found that I was collecting things along the way.

    1. characters - I'm a people watcher
    2. writing skills - I taught grammar and reading.
    3. experiences - I remember details of things around me.
    4. love of words - I "collect" interesting words and descriptions.
    5 observant eyes - I like taking pictures of the common (yet beautifully complex) things around me.

    I think all of these treasures have helped me develop my writing.

  5. Such wisdom, Peej! Patience and persistence!

  6. Thanks, Peej! This was such a timely word for me. You, my dear, are the treasure I've found! Thanks for the encouragement!


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