I Saw One!

Earlier this week, as I was running my weekly errands, I looked for turtles as I crossed a river that is studded with them in warm weather. I'm so ready for spring that I've moved on from just watching the robins in my yard. This isn't the first time I looked for turtles this month. Other times I've looked, really hoping that I wouldn't see any because it was so cold out and I didn't want them to come out too early and die in the cold. But this week it was warmer. I really didn't think I'd see any, but I did! I saw one brave turtle out sunning himself. I wanted to do a happy dance right then, but I was zooming down the state highway in a 15 passenger van, so I restrained myself. *grin*

Late last fall I brought out some compost one morning and I was so sad. A pair of little blue birds lay in the leaves, dead. They had waited too long to head south and the bitter cold of the night had killed them. They missed their opportunity because they waited too long.

If I had seen turtles two weeks ago, they could easily have died for coming out too soon...and missed their opportunity because they jumped too soon. (Do you see what I'm getting at?)

How do you know when it's time to jump into something and when it's time wait a little longer?

This is something I've been mulling over recently and I'm really interested in your thoughts on this.

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