I'm posting today at Exemplify, on the devotional channel and I'd love to have you join me there. A lesson from Gracie, my dog...

Does your heart have a highway running through it or is full of tracks going every which way?

Join me there for more about Heart Highways.

On another note...
I started reading Fearless by Max Lucado this last Sunday and I'm sure it's no mistake that it was this week. Here's what I read last night as we waited for the older kids to get out of the teen service:
"Do you know God's grace? Then you can love boldly, live robustly. You can swing from trapeze to trapeze; his safety net will break your fall."
I needed this message yesterday, today, this month. I feel like I'm standing on the platform with the trapeze in my hands, gathering up my courage to leap into the air...with nothing but a trapeze in my hand. But that's not how it is at all. God's safety net is below me and will catch me should I fall. It's time to take that step and soar. Let's live boldly. Let's live robustly!

Step with me. Let's fly!


  1. Sigh... I feel like my tracks are going every which way right now. I need a definite path.

    Thanks, Peej!

  2. I see you jumping, Peej. You're setting a great example for us all.


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