I just NEED to stop and say, again, our God is so awesome! It's been an incredible week for me! Not only am I on track with our Jiffy writing challenge for the month of February, even after writing only 218 words yesterday, but I've been working on the blog class/course and making progress with that, too. I. am. astounded.

I tried working on a post today--another -ness one to go with Shallowness and Smoothness, but the words weren't flowing. It might have been tiredness hindering them and it might have been brain fuzziness, but whatever it was, I got the point of the post that's not here (yet), even if I couldn't get it on paper. It's on Freshness... and priests. hehe. They really do go together. At least in my mind. But that post will come later. I'm still mulling over these -ness things and God is blessing me tremendously through them.

ANYway, I just wanted to tell you I'm bouncing off the walls this week. God is amazing. Absolutely, truly amazing.

Don't forget the Bookworms have a giveaway going on with Janice Thompson and I have one here too, with Jill Eileen Smith.

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  1. Tigger comes to mind for this post:) So glad to see you excited!


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