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It's off to work I go!
This month Joanne and I are challenged to write 35k (that's 35,000 !!) words in 28 days. And we're shaking in our shoes. Try as we have to arrange our plates to make more time, it's not worked. So, we're doing our best...and praying hard. =) There are a few others joining us, like my daughter Esther of Bookworms Review (she has a book give away going on with Janice Thompson! Be sure to enter!)and some of our friends. Anyone is welcome to join us!!

I thought I'd be just working on Light in the Darkness, my work in progress--romance on the mission field in 1940, but now there's more...

Over the weekend several things came together and blew into a brainstorm that surprised me. Really surprised me. I took Saturday and outlined a course and ebook I'm calling Do It Yourself Blogging--Blogging for the Clueless. Or something along those lines. *wink* It will start with the benefits and basics of blogging and move into step-by-step instructions on how to set up a blog and make it look good. I'll teach you how to install the cool layouts others have made (many of which are free!) and also how to tweak layouts to have more of your own personality there.

Working with blogs is something I've been learning and doing for two years now so assembling the information into a course and ebook format is a natural next step for me. I'm also toying with making up several premade layouts and offering them, for those who don't want to get in and mess with too much html--but that part is still in the thinking stage. =)

If it weren't February and if I didn't have our Jiffy Challenge, I could probably get this pulled together in a week or two because I have some of the information in my files already from helping my friends. BUT, since this IS February and since I DO have Jiffy...I've adjusted my goals...

This month I'll write just as much as I possibly can on Light in the Darkness (aiming for the 35k, but not over stressing on it) AND prepare DIY Blogging so it's ready to format the first of March. (oh, AND keep up on the writing I do for other sites: Exemplify, At the Well and Adding Zest.)

hehe. That's all.
Did you notice that keeping my sanity is NOT on that list?

Oh, and before I forget...our winner of CJ Darlington's book, Thicker Than Blood, is JoAnn2. Congratulations and happy reading!! =)

So tell me, what are YOU doing in February?


  1. Excellent idea, Peej. I know you've taught me lots about Blogger. Keep those plates spinning:) (That's my blog title today - :) We're cheering you on!

  2. What a great idea, Peej! You are an excellent blogmaster...er..mistress? I'll settle for tech-head. That works. LOL. Will be cheering along for that project. ^_^


    (((oooh and I likey the button. ROFL)))

  3. Yay, Peej! That's a great idea!

    GO, PEEJ !
    GO, PEEJ !
    GO, GO, GO!

    (I'm using green and gold pom-poms, in case you were wondering...smile)

  4. I hope you meet your goal!! To me that sounds like a lot of words...but once you get writing I'm sure it isn't as bad as it sounds!

  5. Oh no, Kristen. It IS as bad as it sounds. REALLY@ (LOL)

    You KNOW I'm cheering you on, sweet Peejers. LOVE YOU

  6. You are a busy lady! I look forward to the fruit of your brainstorm - could really use some blogging tips!


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