Saturday Sunshine!

Two weeks ago this was my deck. In fact, it looked like this on Monday morning of this week, too. Yuck! Snow! LoL

Here's Gracie, my polar bear, on her way to her favorite spot on the deck where she watches everything going on in the yard. She loves the snow! She'll bury her snout in the snow and then flip it everywhere while she prances around. She's been lovin' life while I've been shivering and praying for spring.

Here's a shot of my girls at noon today out soaking up the sunshine. Sunshine is good for fighting the flu, isn't it? The one in the green hoodie had the flu this week and now several of us are fighting it off. Maybe today's dose of sunshine will help cure us! =]

These two pictures are of the same spot on the deck! I much prefer this view than the snowy one! And we have robins in our yard so spring IS coming!!

This was a special week here! My wonderful husband had a big birthday! He turned 50! He's absolutely wonderful and I love being married to him! I love you, Hon! I hope this is a fabulous year for you and I'm looking forward to 20 more years with you! (Doesn't he look great in a tux? Yowza!)

Today's been so nice that the guys have been out in the shop, working. Can you tell my little guys are thrilled to be out of the house? LoL

Don't forget the book giveaway we have going on this week! It's an excellent suspense by Diane and David Munson! You'll love it! Just scroll down to Tuesday's and Wednesday's post and leave a comment. =]

So tell me, has your Saturday been sunny?


  1. Nice pictures! Hey, don't you have one more kid? I see pictures of everyone in your family except the oldest boy....poor neglected child! *smile*

  2. ROFL Yes, I DO have one more! When I was out with my camera he was out of range, deep in the barn. I'll go see if I can find him now...

  3. There ya go! All five kids are in there now. =] The oldest was still buried deep in the barn, but at least I was able to track him down this time. =]

  4. It looks like Esther found a boredom buster- playing in the sunshine. You have such a cool family, Peej. And happy 50th, Jim! Wishing you both 20x2 more years today.

  5. Love the pictures! You have a lovely family! :)

  6. There he is! tall and handsome...almost a man!


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