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Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter O.

Last month, my sisters and I were able to go to Arizona to visit our parents and Mom took us to St. Anthony's Monastery.The grounds were gorgeous and there were oh so many things to take pictures of.

The first half of our time in the gardens I spent trying to figure out what scent I was hunting for, and we finally found it, at the very back of the property we were allowed to roam...

Orange trees in full blossom.

If I could have, I would have rolled in the scent to carry it with me. One of the best fragrances I've smelled in my life.

So tell me, what's a favorite fragrance of yours?

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  1. Vanilla is an absolute favorite scent of mine, but orange is a good one too :) Lovely.

  2. Lilacs, roses come in a close second.

  3. There are still a few orange trees and groves remaining here in Southern California. On occasion, I get a waft of their flowery scents- a wonderful aroma!

    I love lilacs, too, but don't have them here.

    Vanilla is my signature scent.

  4. Oops, this didn't take my comment - trying again:

    Favorite fragrances include honeysuckle and sunflowers. And then I found out that bluebonnets have a smell too! Love that.

    But the CAPTCHA won't let me comment. I'll try it another way ...

  5. Oops is right. Sorry about the Capcha thingie--forgot it was still on. Had a spammer visit and turned it on...and forgot it. Hate that. It's off now. =] =]

    I LOVE vanilla too!! =]

  6. I love the smell of new leather (love to go to the Tandy store just to sniff the leather) 8-). Also love vanilla and cinnamon too.

    And yes, the orange trees smell wonderful. They wreak havoc on most people's allergies, but they smell wonderful.

  7. Patty, love your photos! Very pretty. I like the scent of lilacs.

  8. I just love reading all the comments and the wonderful aromas. I do love lilacs and vanilla. I was in Arizona a few weeks ago and wish I had known about that monastery. how interesting.

  9. when I was very little a family friend brought back some orange perfume from Florida! Oh I loved the scent...I was about five

  10. We have an Orange Blossom Bush and I do love the scent, but my favorite would be lilac. During the season, which is woefully short, I can't stop inhaling. I wish I could bottle it for those cold winter days.

  11. Two fragrances come to mind.

    The first is lilac bushes in full bloom. No one will fault me for that.

    The second may get some snickers.

    Nothing smells better than a cow that has been out on pasture for a few weeks, washed by the rain, dried by the sun. Swatting flies and eating grass....

    The smell of cattle au natural is one of the many things I miss about living on a farm.


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