Journey to my Roots

Welcome to this week's a 2 z: Take 2
and the letter J.

Today I get to be with my parents and my two sisters. Just the five of us. Something I don't think we've done for around 30 years. Hard to imagine that much time has passed. Although we've been together many times over the years, our families have been with us, creating a wonderful chaos of kids. But for a few days, it'll just be us five again.

Just for fun, here's our second prayer card--the one taken shortly before going to Ecuador as missionaries and I think the last one with Cheryl in it.

One of our friends from Maine scanned this and sent it to me awhile back--a treasure. Thanks, Dan. I really need to dig out the others and scan them in. Well, maybe. Some of the others aren't near as nice. LoL.

And here's my sisters and I 2 1/2 years ago... If you look at the picture on the mantle behind us is a picture of my younger sister's family with our parents--it was a few years old when this picture was taken--her boys are much bigger now. =)

I'll try to post a new picture of the five of us soon, to bring this full circle. But for now, I'm soaking in my family and enjoying my roots.

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  1. I wish I had known you 12 years ago, Peej. (Of course, I would have been an old married lady with my own kids at that time.)

  2. What wonderful memories! I loved the peek into your life. Enjoy your time together.

  3. THANKS for sharing the photo!

  4. Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  5. You still look the same :) SO happy that you get to do this. Praying you're enjoying it at this VERY moment, as we speak.


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