Caption Contest: March

Last week, after those big storms rolled through, bringing lots of rain, my youngest spotted this crawdad in the ditch in front of our house. It was a "Come see, Mom!" moment, so I grabbed my camera and ran out.  The crawdad was fun to watch--making himself as threatening as possible, even though he was sooo much smaller than us. Not to mention Puppers who followed along for the fun.

So, here's the deal: Caption Contest for March.

Leave your captions in the comments and I'll post the winner in a couple weeks.


  1. Nancy Clark5:59 AM

    Three came to mind right away, but they don't seem just right. So, here they are, but this is a work in progress (plus it is 5:30 am & I am barely able to hold my eyes open.)

    1) "Go ahead, make my day."
    2) "Don't EVEN think about it!"

  2. "Peace, Brother, peace!"

  3. Back off if you know what's good for you!

  4. Guess what I can do with my long pointy fingers.

  5. Who you callin' ugly, big-head?


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