March's 12 in 12

It's March 12th already? Wow.
In case you're wondering, this week's blog and platform series will post on Thursday and then go back to Mondays. 

So, here's my list and progress report...

  1. I already posted my list of 9 writing craft books to read in '12. I want to add 3 books to that list and read 12 writing craft books in '12. *sigh* Didn't read a single page but I have one packed to go with me to read on the plane.
  2. Do 12 short vlogs. *gulp*  Nope. bummer.
  3. Go out once a month (brrrrr) and snap pictures--not just 12 outings in March through October like I usually do. Why? To slow down and look for the beauty all around me on a regular basis, even if it's freezing out there. Yes! I've been out clicking several times and even started Walking with Grace on Wednesdays so I'd have a place to simply post a picture or two. ;-)
  4. Go somewhere scenic here in Southern Illinois that I've not been to before--there's so much here that I've never seen in the 20 years I've lived here. Not yet--waiting for more scenic weather. hehe
  5. Talk to 12 people about the history of this part of Southern Illinois--my older friends, museum personnel... Not this month. I want to do some research first.
  6. Visit the local museum. It's closed for the winter.
  7. Visit the coal mining museum in town. Not yet.
  8. Visit the miners memorial in town.  Nope.
  9. Hunt down the old mine portals and take pictures. (Do you see the trend here? LoL) No, I kinda got sidetracked.
  10. Stop at the WF Lake and simply be still.  I hope to this month so I can see it in spring--hoping for Red Buds or Dogwoods.
  11. Go to R Lake and follow some of the paths. This is a spring or summer item!!
  12. Walk through the woods this spring. hehe. Will do either this month or next. I've been up to the fence row a few times and found the Dutchmen's Britches I was hoping were still there--delicate lil flowers I hope to catch in bloom this year.

So there you have it. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped this month, but that's okay!

How about you? What have you done that's outside the box for you?

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  1. Plugging away here (Just ordered "Getting Into Character," by the way). Love ya.


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