Forgotten Cinnamon

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My younger daughter made cookies the other day—oatmeal raisin cookies specifically for her Daddy. She did a very fine job and they taste good. The problem is the recipe.

You see, 15 years ago when I first copied that recipe, I forgot to include the ½ tsp. Cinnamon in the line up of ingredients. The cookies are fine without the cinnamon, but are much better with it. So, I took a green pen and, in the margin, I added cinnamon and I even put big arrows pointing to it. Do you think it's helped? Only a little. Many times we forget and end up adding it at the last possible minute—as an after thought.

What I need to do is take 5 minutes and recopy the recipe, putting the cinnamon in it's proper place so it won't be overlooked and forgotten. It's only taken me 15 years to realize this.

My Bible reading is sometimes like that forgotten cinnamon. Because I haven't taken the time to write it into the recipe of my day, in its proper place and in the order that works best, it's overlooked or forgotten until the last possible moment, and sometimes it's left out all together. Sure, my day is okay like that, but it would be so much better with it. Maybe it's time for me to recopy the recipe of my day and get the recipe right, so important ingredients aren't left out or left till last.

I tend to be one that saves the best and the important for last. That might work with gifts and food (oh yeah!) but it doesn't work for my spiritual walk. I need to go for the gold, for GOD, first thing in my day, before I get distracted and before I get pulled seven different directions. I really need to rewrite the order of my day so the important thing is at the beginning of my day, not just tacked onto the end. I can always do some Bible reading as I settle in bed, and get some extra time in God's Word that way, and have those words running through my head as I sleep.

When You said, "Seek My face," my heart said to You,
"Your face, O LORD, I shall seek." Psalm 27:8

In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up,
left the house, and went away to a secluded place,
and was praying there. Mark 1:35
Lord, help me to rewrite my day so spending time with You, in Your Word, is not just written in the margin.


  1. Definitely NOT best to save that stuff for the end. Great reminder (and rewrite that recipe, girl!!)

  2. I learned from experience changing my recipe was a life saver. Now, I can't imagine what my morning would be like without the warm cinnamon of the Word!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, friend! I'd also like some of those cookies!

  3. I started doing my quiet time in the am when my daughter was young. I'd set my alarm because if I didn't get it before she woke, there was a chance I might not get time to read God's Word at all. At least, not when I had the energy to process it and pray over it.

    I've found sooooo many times I'll read something that I find I need later. It's awesome that God prepares us ahead of time, if we'll let Him. :)

    Thanks for the great post, Patty!

  4. Oh yes, I can relate. My favorite verse is "Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." and then ... "ALL the rest will follow."

    Thanks for this!

  5. My receipe starts at 430 each morning. 30 minutes (by a timer, or I cheat) of prayer and 15-20 of Bible reading, I have my Bible marked into sections to finish it in a year's time.


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