What Good is a Soapbox?

When thinking about topics for your blog and platform, pay close attention to those things that tend to be your soapboxes. Yanno, those topics that when you start your family and friends roll their eyes and mutter "There she goes again." Those topics are gold. Really, they are--even if your family doesn't think so.

Soapboxes are...

  • Something you're passionate about.
  • Something you know a lot about.
  • A topic you don't mind studying to expand your knowledge base.
  • Topics you never tire of talking about.

Why are soapboxes so valuable?

  • Not only do you already know the material, but you're passionate about them.
  • Your passion draws people and ignites their interest, enthusiasm and spreads to them.
  • Soapboxes give you a jumping off point for many things.
  • They help you home in and focus with precision.
  • That precision changes your message from buck shot to laser beam. 
  • Knowing what your soapboxes are allows you to find places for your articles or events looking for speakers.

One Soapbox or More?

Although you may only start out with one soapbox, you might find those little critters multiply or sprout when you aren't watching.

Years ago, my one and only soapbox was homeschooling. It was a topic I knew about and lived. That grew into a second box: being a wife. As the years went on, herbs became a topic I love talking about (bet you didn't know that one! LoL.) because it's something I've spent years studying.

Those are three of my soapboxes, and even though you don't hear much about them on here, I've used them to write for other sites over the years. Those soapboxes helped me tremendously, and still do. These days you're likely to know and recognize some other favorites of mine: Blogging (and all its sub-topics), Platforms, Persona.There's a couple others that are sprouting and maturing on the sidelines and you'll meet them after awhile.

So tell me, what are some of your soapboxes that you can develop and use?


  1. Good info, Patty. I hopped on one for last week's post--something I usually don't do: Was a for-real rant.

    I've never done one like that and probably won't again...just kind of blurped out...

    But I like your definition of soap box. We all have a few and they are great post subjects.

  2. You bring up a really good point, Kim. Rants will often point out a soapbox to us (LoL, in case we didn't realize it was a soapbox). It's how I've found several of mine.

    I've found I can use a rant IF I write it up, let it sit for a week or so and then go in and clean it up--buffing out any ridges of condemnation and harshness, and polish it.

    Some people are able to build a whole topic with their rants, and they rant in such a way that people listen. There's a few tricks to it but some people are really good ranters and some people like reading rants.

    We just need to be careful with our rants--some have the potential of a tornado. I think maybe the key is to be in control of them and not them controlling us. A lag time in posting often helps with that. *shrug* Just my take on it. =]

  3. What am I passionate about?

    1. being grateful and trusting God
    2. children reading/writing
    3. missions - Bible translation
    4. being a grandmother
    5. my writing (whatever project you ask me about)

  4. Right now eating without Gluten (gluten free) is my soap box. It's helping carry my blog's theme, home in my heart because I can add recipes on some days.

    I have a hard time identifying what I'm passionate about because I am a CONFLICT AVOIDER!

  5. My soapboxes?

    God's presence in struggles

  6. Diana, I hear you! I avoid conflict too. Not only that, but many times I'm pretty ambivalent about things.

    It's the things that I love chatting about...things I could sit and talk about for a looooong time and not mind it or get tired of it...those are my soapboxes. And many aren't controversial. =] =] (nor am I a real chatty person. I tend to people watch more than talk. LoL.)

  7. Vonnie and Jo, yes, I can see those things fit you well. They're things you've lived through and live with. They're embedded in your hearts. So cool to see!! =]


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