If You Met a Purple Monster...

Welcome to our first ever Progressive Interview. What is a progressive interview? Well, instead of food at ever stop, we serve up one interview question, answered by many people. These questions were asked on our Take Flight Facebook group and we'd love to have you join us there for blog post idea starters as well as informal blog...help...fun...something. It's a group designed to help bloggers blog and is an extension of the Take Flight challenges and ideas I post here.

The question I asked the group was one of my favorite silly questions that helps me get to know authors more...

If you were to find a purple polka-dotted monster in your kitchen one morning, how would you respond?

And here's their answers...

Sharon Clements Srock Purple is my favorite color, my kitchen is my favorite room, so I'm two markers in the plus category. I'd fix him some coffee.

Yvonne Blake Hopefully, he isn't too dangerous. If he's spotted, it probably means he isn't feeling well and couldn't go to school that day. I'd give him a cookie and a glass of milk and ask him if he wants to sit on the couch with me and watch "Winnie the Pooh."

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer First I would take my temperature and finding it normal decide I need caffeine. If he's still there I'd say, "Come into my office and let's find out what your story is."

Valerie Comer I would look closer, realize the polka dots were actually rounded hearts, then recongnize my granddaughter's jammies. I'm pretty sure she's not dangerous, though at two years old, she can RAWR mightily. I think I would tickle her until she giggles and make her some breakfast. Maybe with blueberries, so we could have more polka dots.

Sherri Wilson Johnson I'd hand him a mop!

Joanne Sher The first thing I'd do is clean off my glasses - just to be sure it wasn't smudges. When I was certain it WAS the monster, I'd ask it (very politely) if it wouldn't mind cleaning my house. One can always hope, right? And, of course, if it said yes, I'd offer it a couple Cadbury Creme Eggs and a cup of something hot from the Keurig.

Linda McQuinn Carlblom I'd get my camera and take a few pictures just for proof. If it turned out to be friendly, I'd ask him to stay while I called my grandkids to come over to play with him!

Donna Winters "Hey, there. Know how to cook eggs? Better not let the dogs catch you here. You could be toast!"

Sharon Hoover After changing my pants (that I've pee-ed) and pulling my exhuberant terrier away from the dotted monster, I would to pretend that he's just another guest and offer a cup of English Breakfast tea. In reality, though, I would scream and jump out the back window!

Janet Sketchley How big is he, Patty? A little one would get "aww, he's cute!" In any case, once I got over the "am I really seeing this?" if there was no apparent danger I'd be looking to see which of my sons was pranking me.

Kristi Peifer Hey pal, I'll have a stack of chocolate chip pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs.

Christina Rich If I were to find a purple polka-dotted monster in my kitchen I'd probably go back to bed. Obviously, I haven't been sleeping enough.

And how would I respond to finding a purple polka-dotted monster in my kitchen one morning?
Relief. You see, this particular monster went undercover as a child of mine and I've been just waiting for her true colors to come out. I knew they would eventually and I've been sneaking around trying to catch her for months. I should've guessed she'd show up in the kitchen! (I'll hafta check her pockets for cookies--I bet she about cleaned out my stash.) She must've stayed up too late and didn't make it back into hiding under the bed before the sun came up. Silly ol' monster.

So tell me,

How would YOU respond to a purple polka-dotted monster in your kitchen one morning?


Be sure to check out the other progressive interview participants for more great questions! (Their links are with their answers above as well as below.)


  1. oh dear, you're linky is missing!

  2. Oh dear is right. This morning has been...hectic. (understatement, but you get the picture) I put the free WP code in instead of the blogger code for the linky, so although it was there, it meant an extra click. gerphs.

    But hey, at least I got right for you guys' sites. LoL.

  3. I came over to see the purple monster. Nice image :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, Patty. Thanks for putting all this together!

  4. LOL - love the picture of your purple monster. Such a fun question. :)

  5. LOL! Coffee to a purple polka-dotted monster. That's a bit scary.

  6. This was fun, we should do it again.
    Sharon Srock


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